"Are You Dating"

 "Are you dating?" No, not in particularly, but believe me just like Audrey here I have done my fair share of avoiding kisses from unwanted suitors... I've dropped to the floor, pushed my hand in front of one's face, almost pushed one off a cliff, threw a drink on one, bobbed and weaved, and even straight up asked him what he was doing as I stepped away from him...
 I can't exactly date at the moment due to the whole "oh you're only here for summer?" thing going on right now. And seeing as this one dark knight in the running sorta had to leave for three months, couldn't do that either. I'm cool with it though because then I have time to hang out with all of my girls this summer and just relax. If I were already in a relationship then I think summer would be different and maybe even slightly complicated due to the fact that most people I meet at UC live in northern Ohio anyways. Add to that the fact that a lot of students will be working a lot this summer to save up some money, where would you find time where both people were free?
 I think if I found someone and really connected with them during the summer, and they happened to be going to UC, I wouldn't mind dating then. But honestly I love having a care free summer to spend with my girls. We are all single at the same time so who knows what fun things we can do together.
 Plus, my days are filled with figuring things out Ana and I's apartment like which sofa to steal from my grandparents and whether or not my grandma will notice her 30 year old egg poacher is missing...
 But when fall rolls around and students start coming back to college, and I move into my new apartment, I'll see what happens then. I'm all about fate, so if I play my cards right and the stars align in just the right way, then perhaps I'll meet someone.
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