Blue Lagoon

by - June 12, 2016

 This blue little wrap around bikini has quickly become one of my favorite bikinis. This one is also from Ebay and was about $4, the photo that you see on Ebay shows it to be green but in reality it's a pretty light blue shade. The top itself ties in the front once you wrap it around yourself and the bottoms even tie on the sides. 
 The top is a bit of s snug fit depending on how big your ribcage is. But besides that the top itself fits nicely, just make sure you get the correct size. This set is one size for both sort of deal though, so if you're a size small for the top and medium for the bottom then you may be in a little bit of trouble. I picked a medium overall and the top fits a small pretty well surprisingly. 
The bottoms fit pretty well too, the ties on the sides are a big help in making sure they fit just right. If you're in the need of a cheap but pretty nicely made bikini, this one works perfectly. Just search 'wrap bikini' in Ebay's search bar and you'll find a bunch of them at different prices, you may even find one for cheaper than $4!

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