Bridge Jumping

 My summer started the second Ana started living at with me and I started living with her. I've done so much so far I've barely had time to sleep, not even kidding one week we had maybe 12 hours of sleep total. But one of the things we've been doing that I can't get enough of is the bridge jumping that we've been doing. And by 'we' I mean the people I go with because I'm not exactly as adventurous as I'd like to be. But by the end of the summer I'll get there.

 The bridge jumping place we go to is off a trail and the water we're jumping into is from the Little Miami River. There's so much graffiti there, it makes me want to grab my work and spray paint it on to one of the walls. Under the bridge itself there is graffiti as well that makes the are look pretty cool with all the bright colours. A couple kids hung hammocks up in the rafters of the underside of the bridge, there are also a couple ropes tied there too. It's a pretty cool place to chill with some of your friends and just listen to music. I snapped a couple quick photos of Hailee attempting to jump off the rope swing, which neither of us did including Ana. Sydney was the only brave one of the group that grabbed the rope and jumped into the water. By the end of the summer I hope I'm able to at least grab that rope swing and jump in the water. As well as enjoy White Rock park as much as Ana did last time we went.

Andie said...

Love these photos and all the smiles ��������

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