Gossip Girl and Nate Archibald?

by - June 24, 2016

Nate Archibald was originally Blair's boyfriend, anyone who watched the first season of the show would know that. But after a wedding one night Nate Archibald played tonsil hockey with Serena and that's what started it all (essentially, sorta kinda). Our Gossip Girl is a little different here in the city in the Midwest, the city where they sin two times. Instead of having one Nate Archibald, our GG has put that name to two boys with the same.
 This time GG wasn't so kind to Serena via text, hence the blur of the words in her personal e-blast to her. My guess is she loved the play on words she had with the names of an ex and future (potential) boyfriend a little to much to keep quiet.
 I'm also guessing she was trying to scare Serena into exposing who exactly she was talking to considering some people in our group of friends think talking to exes are not allowed. Not sure how exactly GG knew this information but she did. I can only assume she played off of the Nate Archibald scenario between Serena and Blair, but of course the two guys Ana and I are talking to/talked to aren't the same guys. Just have the same names, but different spellings. But I kind of like the fact that this GG is trying to keep the Gossip Girl theme going, which means she does in fact still read these blog posts I write. It also means she keeping tabs of what we post on Instagram and Twitter as well as what we're tagged in. She may have even hacked our phones... but that's a whole different blog post waiting to be written...

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