Gossip Girl Knows

by - June 08, 2016

 Gossip Girl has messaged us again, and she may have caught on...

 This week Serena and I both got the exact same message, but the only difference between the two are the names. Instead of us being called by our real names, we go Serena and Blair added in. Also the fact that our GG has apparently seen the show too. Have they seen all of it? I'm not sure, but they've seen a bit because these aren't the only texts we got, but I'll write about those later. 
 In this particular message, we became aware that our GG in fact checks up on us through our social media.  We figured this already but it confirms our suspicions, and we realized that GG's job in this 'spin-off' is to torture us solely because she wants to. She seems to have nothing better to do with her life than to sit at home, stalk our lives, and text us when we do something bad or anything at all.
 We know she does this, we know she sees us and everything we post or do. We know that someone or someones are telling her what we do every time we step out of our home. Frankly, its quiet annoying but at the same time, it doesn't really matter really. She isn't really messing with our lives in a extreme way, so we just laugh about it as soon as it happens. 
 But the next text she sent Serena was sort of, I don't know maybe the words are 'uncalled for' or perhaps just essentially and basically, dumb. In the simplest for of words I can think of the next text was just totally dumb. It makes no sense, was not needed, and definitely annoying this time...
 Even though it's annoying, it doesn't destroy us. Though I know that's what you plan GG, it won't work. So good luck next time.

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