Hocking Hills

 Last month a couple of friends and I hopped in a car and drove a couple hours North towards a location we just thought of, Hocking Hills. We blasted country music, tried to chase down a stray dog, grabbed a whole freaking grilled cheese from Panera, and did some other crazy things on our way there. But once we got to Hocking Hills we tied up our shoe laces and headed towards the trail, right after a quick postcard stop at the gift shop. Natalie and I stuck to the paths, making sure to watch our steps as we climbed down the trails and up them. Ana on the other hand decided to make her own trails.
 We loved the waterfall, even though it was a little to cold to swim in we still stuck our feet in! There were a couple people climbing the rocks around the waterfall but no one else really got in. It was still such a pretty sight to see.
  Getting to the waterfall wasn't to hard, we went through a cave, over a bridge, and down a bunch of stairs to get to it. There were a couple paths going the opposite way of the waterfall that we didn't explore this time but next time we sure will. I took a bunch of photos throughout our adventure thanks to my Birksun backpack being able to charge my phone as we went! Here are some of those photos.

 Thanks to Birksun for sending me one of their backpacks so I can charge my phone on trips like these, and bring it with me this summer on all of my adventures! This great California Blue solar panel backpack charges itself as you get outside. For every 3 minutes you have this backpack in direct sunlight you get 1% of charge. So grab one, plan an adventure, and start taking it outside.

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