To All The Boys I Loved Before

This book was my sisters, and I had actually bought the sequel first so she loaned it out to my bookshelf. It sat there for a while but the other day I had total free time so I picked it up and started to turn the pages. I had heard about this book before actually, all I knew what the girl wrote love letters that weren't love letters but goodbye letters and they accidentally got sent out.
 Now what made me pick this book up was I have actually done that myself. Or at least part of it, I'm pretty sure none of the boys I've written letters to have seen them. And they aren't even love letters either. They're more of 'like letters' if that's a thing (it's now a thing) and closure letters. But I'll talk about that another time...
 This book was so extremely well written and overall a great read. I sort of have a soft spot for romantic teen fiction because lets be honest, who doesn't wish their teenage years could be at least one of those books.
 The book starts off with three sisters, Lara Jean being the middle sister and main character. Her older sister Margot is heading off to college soon and her youngest sister Kitty will have to help her take care of their dad. And since his first child is leaving the nest, he starts spring cleaning early. And during his spring cleaning, right after Margot leaves, he apparently finds his way into Lara Jean's room and sends her hatbox to Goodwill. Of course, it's just a hatbox. But what's in the hat box is the thing... That's where she kept her love letters. And each and every single one of them, all five that have been written over the years, are now sent out. The worst thing about the love letters, is one will effect her relationship with her sister Margot. Which then ends up effecting her relationship with Josh, her best friend/neighbor.
 Sixteen-year-old Lara Jean then has to deal with the outcome of the love letters publicly and secretly by telling white lies, bold face lies, and sometimes saying nothing at all. It's all extraordinarily interesting and the end of the book catches you just enough to read the sequel right away.

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