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 I, by no means, consider myself Instagram famous. But with 111k followers I guess others consider me that, or at least close to that. Now I've had my Instagram for almost 6 years. I found out about it on Christmas day back in like 2010 because my uncle told me about the app (thank you uncle Steve for mentioning this me, it's changed my life tremendously). My first photo, which is no longer on my Instagram, was a tilted photo of my grandmothers lamp. Since then, I've taken hundreds of photos and thousands of followers. With that, I've created a brand for myself and have been able to reach a whole new level of people. I've stuck to my roots though Instagram and people have seemed to follow, I've stuck to what I've done for 6 years and it seems to be working. I figured why not share what I know with you here. So here's what I know.

  1. Choose your username wisely, make it appealing but also something you like,
  2. Write a bio, whether it be meaningful or short have something eye catching.
  3. Update your profile photo, I always have my friends help me pick which selfie is my best.
  4. See what people like! You don't have to copy people, but if you see people like beach photos and you do too, then post your beach photos!
  5. Choose a theme, if you look at my theme right now its shades of blue at the beach. You can always change it up a bit but people go nuts over a nice clean theme. I love the beach so I made sure to make my theme go with that for a while!
  6. Post the best of the best, with updated camera qualities you have the chance to take high quality photos so post those.
  7. Filters can be your best friends, my go to is VSCOcam's C1 filter, most of my photos have that filter on it. But the whole C1 to C9 have been favorites of mine.
  8. Keep your captions mind! Sometimes I post quotes or lyrics, but other times I just have fun with my caption and make it quirky. Keep in mind your photo when writing your caption for sure.
  9. Everybody loves summer, especially the beach, so I've noticed that those (for me) do the best.
  10. Post regularly, don't post more than once a day of course but don't post only once a month. Once a week seems to do well with me but I've also posted at least three times a week as well. So make a sort of schedule and go with it.
  11. If you use hashtags, keep them to the photo. Don't post a photo of the beach and use the hashtag 'puppy' or 'Justin Bieber' when he's clearly not in the photo. And add them in the comments of your photo, then you can delete them later and not have to edit the caption! Plus, Instagram only takes the first 10 hashtags you use, nothing more.
  12. Tag your places too, not only do your followers get to see where you vacation but others that are in the same place can see your photos and maybe follow you off of that! I've done that many times when in Hilton Head or Savannah, Georgia!
  13. Selfies are always fun, but don't over do it. Of course we love to see your lovely face, but I rarely post selfies and I seem to be doing okay so far.
  14. I like and comment on other peoples photos who I don't follow nor follow me if I like them, and sometimes they end up checking out my profile and following me.
  15. It's never a bad thing to self promote at parties, here in Clifton I've found it literally impossible to NOT run into one of my followers. Once a guy forgot my name at a party last year and called me "Insta Famous Girl" which led to the drunk guy I was talking to instantly knowing who I was and took a photo with me. That guy who gave me the nickname, saw him two weeks ago at Canes and we said hello again. Team Follow and Follow back right?
  16. Reply to comments or direct messages. If someone asks about your shirt or the book you have in a photo, reply to them. It'll take 5 seconds to tell them where you got that shirt.
  17. Of course make sure your Instagram profile is public, or else everything is done for nothing.
Now of course all of these tips are just tips, they're not going to guarantee anything and they're honestly just things I've heard others share that I've sort of picked up. Personally, what I stick to is what I like. I like to post photos that relate to my life. I love my blue colour theme and can proudly say I mapped it out. And I love to post photos every couple days because I'm excited to share my photos! I'm still trying to expand my followers because I love to meet new people and have made so many friends through my followers its crazy. Just stick to your gut but don't say no to help from others.
Anonymous said...

This is really helpful because I just don't know where to start! It's so much to think about and do!

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