Luke's Diner

 I had the amazing and awesome opportunity to go to Luke's Diner last week, it was so perfect! If you don't know what Luke's Diner is then you are missing out!
 Luke's Diner is Lorelai and Rory Gilmore's go to place for coffee-coffee-coffee! And if you still don't know what I'm talking about, apparently you've never seen Gilmore Girls... Which you need to fix and stream (aka binge) on Netflix before their 4 episode 'revival' show comes on Netflix!
 I found out Luke's Diner was coming to my city, within walking distance of my apartment actually, like the day before it happened. I texted my mom right away and said "I am going with or without you, you in?" of course she said yes because her and I are totally modern day Lorelai and Rory. Even her mom, my grandmother, is the modern day, less rich, still sorta (how do I say this nicely, and I honestly mean this nicely) problematic Emily Gilmore. So of course, she came down to Clifton and we headed over to Luke's Diner.
This was after waiting in line for 2 & a half hours
 Pulling up we noticed the line before we noticed the cafe it was taking place at. The line was out the door, down the street, and around the block... and it was only 9:30am... Instantly I started sobbing because I have always wanted a true Gilmore Girls moment with my mother. I've always wanted to have coffee and talk about our dating life and finally we were both dating at the same time. Finally we could talk about our Luke's or Dean's (which I did actually talk about a Dean...) or Chris's or Jason's or Jess's or Logan's. But with the line being so very long she said she couldn't do it, she couldn't stay, and we couldn't have our Gilmore Girl moment. Cue me crying in the backseat of her carry, blubbering like a baby trying not to have her hear. The reason she couldn't stay is because my sister tagged along and had to go to school... So we wouldn't even really have a Gilmore Girl moment anyways. After hearing me accidentally let out a huge sob she decided to drop my sister and I off at the end of the line and park as close as possible.
 I instantly stopped crying because god knows I don't need a long line of people seeing mascara all over my face... My sister and I ran into line and waited for my mom. Literally as soon as she showed up someone from the 86 Coffee Bar's, for the moment known as Luke's Diner, yelled out to us from the patio that the line was 2 hours and 20 minuets. My sister and I both gave a look saying 'hopefully mom didn't hear that'. She did.
 Obviously my mom ended up leaving with my sister, losing my Gilmore Girl moment completely but that didn't stop me. I decided to stay in line for the 2 hours and talk to the girls around me who shared my love for Gilmore Girls. We all started talking about life and school and babies and the show and everything else. This group of girls included 3 best friends (2 of whom were moms), a 4 year med student, a new mom, and me. We all prayed we could get to the front and order in time so we could get the coveted Luke's cup.
 We all also wanted photos with Luke's sign above our heads so of course we all took turns taking photos, saving spots, and sending each other photos for those whose phones died during those 2 hours and 45 minutes. We were all able to get a couple photos then, after 3 hours, were able to get right to the door. We still had stairs to climb and a bunch of people ahead of us, but we made it to the door. And with my luck, as soon as we got to the door... after 3 hours, I repeat THREE HOURS of waiting... they announced they were out of Luke cups.
  Instantly my group of new friends, who I doubt I will ever see again, were crushed. We couldn't help but laugh though, like of course as soon as we get there they're gone. As soon as we get right to the door they are all out. With that being said to all the people in line, and the news making it down the line, many people left. By many I mean more than 80% of the crowd left. The line was still all the way around the block and they all just left. Even people in front of us left, which in the end helped up.

 We made it inside, up the stairs, and to the cafe itself. One by one my group decided to leave and head out. The cups were gone and really that's what everyone came for. After a little while it was just me and the new mom. We made it inside, saw they were playing the episodes on their tvs, saw the 'No Cellphones' sign behind the counter, and Luke (not the Luke but a Luke) making coffees. I ordered a Salted Caramel Latte because after 3 hours of standing in line, I needed one, and I wasn't going to leave without some sort of coffee. Like a true Gilmore I got the largest size they had and made sure to drink all of it. I ended up not staying to watch the episodes, since they didn't have subtitles or the audio playing. I walked back to my apartment and watched the episodes on my laptop instead, the ones at the cafe were ahead of where I was anyway.
 I honestly loved it though. Even though I missed out on getting the Luke's Diner cup holder and the coffee cup with a coffee quote on it, I still loved the experience. Telling the people at my work about my morning seemed a little weird though because they didn't understand it. They all looked at me like I was crazy for waiting 3 hours for a $5 cup of coffee. But I enjoyed it completely. Next time I might go early though, if they were to ever do this again. Also I'd offer more than $80 to the guy at the front for his Luke's hat...

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