Update on Dating

 Someone messaged me recently asking me to update all of you on my dating life since I put everything else out there. I decided, why not? I mean I do put everything else out there. Soon enough my dating life will be out there so what the heck, why not do it anyways?
 Well I am dating, I'll tell you that. I believe in the old fashioned kind of dating. Maybe on Monday I go on a date with Steven and Thursday night I'm on a date with Jacob but Friday night I'm out at a party with Evan. I believe in going on multiple dates with the same person or other people like they did in the 50's. But once I find a connection with one person, I go on dates only with them. So maybe Steven, Max, Jacob, Aaron, Evan, and Charlie didn't work out but this guy named Carter has my interest so we go on a couple dates. Lets say these couple dates go really well but then it suddenly ends, oh well. Back to going on dates.
 Now that may sound weird in this generation and time since most people just do the 'talking' stage. Which lets me honest, the talking stage is a stupid crappy way of saying "let me see if you're even worth my time before I go on a date with you." Which is crap. Complete and utter crap. I don't do this talking stage, I don't have time for this talking stage, screw this made up talking stage.
 I may go on many dates, but I'll only date one person at a time. Sounds weird but it's what people did a while ago and I prefer that because it's easier to see if you have a connection with that person. And if our dating goes well, then we can be exclusive and boyfriend and girlfriend and all that jazz.
 Now, I have been going on dates since moving to Clifton. Heck I've been on two with the same guy in less than 5 days. It's intimidating I'll be honest, kind of nerve racking, but it's fun. Meeting new people, learning about them, figuring out that mashing two Starbursts together to create one weird flavor is a great idea, learning that kissing boys who are 6ft 4 is really hard even though I'm 5ft 9, finding out that though someone might not be my type he's still got my interest, etc. etc.
 Everyone tells me my type is blonde hair and blue eyed boys. Which yes, I am totally a sucker for a handsome guy who has blonde hair and blue eyes, but really my type is a good personality and character. Looks are just a plus. I've gone on a date with someone who is smaller than me, and someone who is almost a foot taller than me. Someone who obviously hit the gym twice a day everyday, and someone who maybe has never stepped foot in a gym. I've gone on a date with a guy who had brown hair and blue eyes, blonde hair and green eyes, brown hair and brown eyes, blonde hair and brown eyes. Yes looks attract me at first, I sorta think that's only natural. To be attracted to someone because of their looks first. But their personality draws you in. You could totally find someone like, lets say, Shawn Mendes attractive with his brown hair and brown eyes but his nice personality draws you in. Or you could find someone like Aaron Carter who may look nice but let;s say, simply for this, he has a crap personality and is totally mean... you aren't going to stay around just because of his looks right?
 So far, I'm still going on dates. I'm not dating one person yet, just a couple little dates here and there. Not going to lie, still totally intimidated by the whole dating thing today and I have a feeling I'm only going to have more weird dating stories to tell my mom when we have our Gilmore like chats...

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