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by - November 04, 2016

Love Myself- Hailee Steinfeld
An Uber driver turned on the radio and this song was on, didn't care for it at first but by the end of the song I was totally into it.
Hell Nos and Headphones- Hailee Steinfeld
I went to iTunes radio and played my Charlie Puth radio and this was the second song to play.
Mercy- Shawn Mendes
Also played in an uber for the first time and though I didn't know the words I snag along guessing the lyrics, pretty much aced it.
Shake- Jesse McCartney
This is obviously an older song but it's so much fun to dance to. I remember playing it after high school football games freshman year with my friends. We all tried to dance how the girls were in the music video and most of us failed miserably.
Teenage Dirtbag- Wheatus
Seriously such a fun song to scream along to in the car driving down the highway with friends. That's how I listen to it most times these days.
Shoop- Salt-N-Pepa
If you went and saw Deadpool in theaters then you heard this song, even if you only watched the trailers. This is again an older song but seriously just singing along is so much fun. I have a whole car playlist and this is one of the most played songs on that list.
Stitches- Shawn Mendes
My sister and I sang this song a lot when we first heard it. Even my mom and I have sung along to this song, it's so catchy and has a great tune. The beat totally picks me up when I need to just dance and have fun!
Bye Bye Bye- *NSYNC
Do I really even need to explain why this song is on the playlist at all? Also shout out to the two guys who went nuts over me blasting this in the car with the windows down around Clifton. Your dancing on the sidewalk was superb!
Stacy's Mom- Fountains of Wayne
Older songs always cheer me up because of the words or the beat or the way the song just goes.
What Do You Mean?- Justin Bieber
Though I'm not a huge fan of Justin himself like I used to be as a kid, this song is so fun to dance to I don't skip it when it's on. It's just one of those songs that you can totally move around to and have fun with.
Like That- Jack & Jack ft. Skate
This is a guilty pleasure sort of song that I stumbled upon, found out it sounded good, then realized why not just add it to a playlist anyways.
Roll 'em Up- Alli Simpson ft. Jack & Jack
This somehow ended up playing on my iTunes radio one day so I left it on then added it to the playlist I had for pick me ups.
All Night- Chance the Rapper ft. Knox Fortune
How can this song not make you want to just move around at least a bit. The beat and tempo and sound is perfect. One of my friends played this song at a party and instantly I was so into dancing to this, it's only 2 minutes but it's so good.

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