Taking The Perfect Selfie

by - November 09, 2016

 Taking the perfect selfie to post to Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or even for your Facebook profile photo is something people in our generation strive to do at times. We all want to show off our best looks to document on our virtual scrapbooks. There are a couple easy tips and tricks to taking the "perfect" selfie that I have picked up on in my new digs. It's all about angles, lighting, and poses!

 I have a beautiful full mirror in my bathroom, the ones with the big Hollywood vanity lights (or at least that's what I call them) above the mirror. I also have mirrored doors covering my little cabinet above the sink where I put my toothpaste and things. I have my perfume displayed nicely on top of the little cabinet which sort of add to the mirror selfies I take. With all of that said, my bathroom is the perfect place for a mirror selfie! The full mirror, the perfect lighting, the all white walls, and the little trinkets of perfume on the cabinet top make it great. I have another tall, long, skinny mirror in my family room right next to my bar counter top and kitchen table (awkward place but it works for now) that isn't tall enough to show my face so the only time I use that for selfies is when I'm kneeling in front of it for a #OOTD photo for Snapchat. (Selfless promo for Snapchat: sophiekman) It's important for your lighting to be good and depending on what you want in your mirror selfie, the mirror too.
 Take a bunch of selfies if you need to! Even if they all look pretty much the same. Even if your head tilt, hand placement, phone spot, and angle look the exact same, maybe you shifted just enough to make one photo look better than the other. It's so weird how just a slight difference in lighting or a turn if the head can change the whole picture. You can never take to many smiling photos of yourself! And you can never show off your patches collection to much, or your pretty pink silk robe, or your wicked eyeliner, or your new fall lip colour, or your amazing eye work with your Too Faced pallet you picked last month.
Plus taking a bunch of selfies is totally normal, it's exactly what they do at a professional photoshoot. They have the same model stand there for hours in the same clothes in the same spot with the same lighting in multiple different poses. So if you feel silly about it, I know I used to, just pretend you're at a photoshoot like the gorgeous model you are. I used to feel silly taking selfies even in my own home, though I was totally alone taking them I felt like my cat was judging me for some reason. In public I still feel silly so I usually look around first to make sure nobody sees me taking a burst of selfies. Which is another thing, take a burst photo!
 When I take a burst photo I make sure to move my arm slowly so not all the photos are blurry. It may look funny, like you're in slow-mo, but it'll make your selfies less blurry. Then you can choose from literally 50 photos so easily now that you picked to use burst to take your photos. It's also pretty fun to scroll through your photos really, really, fast like a slideshow.

Filters matter too! If you want to add a filter to your photos, choose wisely. You never want to make your skin look to orange or your face to bright and white. So if you use a filter, pick one that you like but also doesn't wash out the photo. My go to is VSCOcam, usually I use C1 because it's my favorite but I always check all of the filters I have. You can also totally leave out a filter! Some photos I have with filters while others I like better without them. Usually I post the original photos to Twitter, 99% of my photos on Instagram have filters on them.
 If you choose not to use a filter, you can still use VSCOcam to fix the shadows and highlights of your photos. Or even give it a nice blue or purple tint to your photo. There is so much to do with that app, I've been using it for years. I swear by it! But there are other good apps to use to improve your selfie. Scroll through the app store and see what appeals to you! Maybe you want to add little crowns to your selfie or hearts, you can find anything in the app store to improve your photos. Play around with the apps, but never buy one unless you know you'll like it. VSCOcam is free but some filters cost money, most of them are totally worth buying. They have bundles and sales all the time too and most filters aren't more than like $3 at most.

Which camera you use matters too because of the quality of it. I rarely use the front facing camera on my iPhone 6 because I find using the back camera works better due to quality. But I will admit since updating from the iPhone 5s (which I really did not want to do, but am glad I did) I've noticed a really nice upgrade in cameras. Selfies are so much better now with this camera it's crazy. But camera qualities are important for your perfect selfie. So if you find taking a mirror selfie is easier or better, that's because the back camera lens is a better quality than the other one. But if you like your other selfies with the front facing camera, that makes sense too! The cameras are a lot better than they were a while ago.

 Even with the upgrade in cameras and all that, remember if you don't look as great in your selfie as you do in the mirror, there's a reason for that. Cameras are doing their best to create a 2D image of a 3D thing. So maybe you look totally stunning and jaw dropping in the mirror then go to take a selfie with your cellphone and you only look completely gorgeous. That's because of the fact that your camera is showing you a 2D image of yourself. Always rely on your mirror when it comes to how you look, not a camera. That's probably why I prefer my mirror selfies... I really prefer my mirror selfies.

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