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 Someone asked me a while ago what my view on relationships and dating was. I asked them what they meant specifically and they said that they just wanted my view on all of it. I have so many different weird opinions on relationships and dating that I couldn't just answer in a little email so I wrote something back and said I'd write more later. Now it's later and I've figured out what I think about things. Everyone has their own opinions on how to handle relationships or dating, but this is what goes through my mind. I'll probably write multiple blog posts for these questions this girl asked me, but that's because I have a lot to say.

 When it comes to dating older or younger, I usually go towards older just because that's always how it's been. Girls dated older, and the guys dated younger. That's how it went till about the end of high school. Even then some girls that were seniors dated college guys but I realized why I did that this year when I started meeting more people of all ages. I always was up to dating older, and still am, because dating younger meant dating someone less mature than I was. And I've always been told that in a lot of ways I am very mature for my age. Growing up I hung out with my cousins that are now sending their kids to middle school. When my mom had girls night with her college friends, I was hanging out with them instead of the other kids. I'm so used to being around people older than me that I never thought of having real friends that were younger, let alone dating. But now, with my gap year ending, I'll be going to classes with people of all age. And now, that I'm almost 20 and more mature than I was at 17, I'd be perfectly open to dating younger.
 I'd date someone 18 as long as they were mature, which I would expect out of someone who was 25 that I'd date as well. You don't have to have your life figured out, because believe me I don't have mine figured out, but be mature. At 18 you are an adult, so act like one. For as old as I'd date, I don't really have a number but at the same time I sort of do. I wouldn't want to date someone at a different stage of life than I was at, which is the same for dating younger. If I date someone who's 30, they may want to get married soon and I'm not even 20 yet... I still have a couple weeks, and I still have to go to college. But I wouldn't want to date someone who's still in high school because they get to figure out their life now, and honestly I'm glad I did the whole gap year thing single. I got to figure myself out as an adult and now I'm living in my own apartment loving my life. Now if they graduate and two months later I'm getting coffee with them, that's different. They're done, they've graduated, they know if they're going to college or not. They're starting their life and are ready to grasp it.
 Everyone's age 'limit' and dating preference is different. Some people can't ever date younger because it freaks them out, some could never date someone 5 years older than them because that freaks them out. I always joke that I could never date younger because I'd be old enough to be their mother. Which obviously is false because if I dated someone who's 18, I would have had to had them at like 1 and that's physically impossible.
 Plus, I have friends- best friends even- who are younger than me and still in high school graduating this year. So if I were to be so against dating someone younger then how could I be friends with my younger friends? I find it so important to have your partner be your friend too, and I would be a hypocrite if I made that decision. I guess you could say my age limit would be the youngest I would date is 18 and the oldest I would date is 26 or 27.

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