Festival of Lights

 On the 19th I was able to finally go to the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo! I haven't been there in ages and have always wanted to go during this little festival. You were able to see some of the animals, listen to christmas music, enjoy the lights, roast marshmallows, and drink hot cocoa! I got to go with my mom, sister, and boyfriend. Which, coincidentally, we went on my one month anniversary with said boyfriend. Even though I don't really believe in celebrating the smaller anniversaries, and we both forgot that is was our anniversary until about midday... it was still a nice way to get to hang out with everybody. It was so fun to get to walk around in the zoo after dark and see some animals. I almost died a million times at the big cat exhibit because cats are just so adorable.
 It's not always a winter wonderland in Ohio during December so it's sometimes hard to feel Christmassy. This trip to the zoo definitely did the trick though! I was able to snap some photos but in the end I wanted to see everything first hand and enjoy it. I did get a handful of photos and was able to get some from everyone who went along with me.

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