Sometimes something bad happens to you and you never think you'll get over it. It could be losing a loved on, breaking up with your significant other, ending a friendship or just something really life changing and bad. You probably in the moment think to yourself that this is it, this is the thing that's going to bring you down. You're totally done for and it's all just over. You probably sulk and cry over what happened. You may put on a Taylor Swift record and eat ice cream as you ball your eyes out. Or maybe you just sleep for a while.
 I've had these moments and believe me I know how bad they can get. I've had these moments way too often. But now that life is good again I've been able to look back and realize wow, I got over that. This thing that I thought was going to hurt me and crush me turned into something that doesn't even cross my mind anymore. This person that hurt me or that I was so deeply invested in who just brushed me under the rug like dirt does't even matter in my life anymore. This girl who pretend to be my friend and totally wiped me out now is literally vacant of my mind. This embarrassing thing that happened that hurt me dearly literally popped up out of no where in my mind and I could care less.
 Time heals all wounds. And as corny as that sounds it's true. My mom has told me that many times and as I grow older I realize that things she used to tell me that I didn't care to listen to are true. She was right about this, because now two months later or four months later these things don't matter. Time has gone by quickly surprisingly and things have healed. My physical scars and emotional wounds have been healed by time and the good people that I have surrounded myself by.
 I've also noticed that having 'gone days' are still totally okay. You are totally able to take those gone days for yourself when these bad things happen. You are allowed to eat ice cream for breakfast, rematch sad movies, and scream at the top of your lungs if you need to. Take those gone days, feel sad, but don't let them consume you. Because in time things will get better, time heals all wounds.

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