Monet's Water Lillies

 Rory meets Dean in the halls of high school and chats over a movie, Chicago, and her moms feministic move to name her Lorelai after herself. She ends her rant with "I never talk this much" before showing Dean to Ms. Patty's. Not right away of course, but eventually Dean first kisses her in aisle 3 of Doose's. She promptly freaks out and accidentally steals a box of baking soda as she takes off.
 Rory meets Jess at her own home. A quick 'hey' turns into Jess asking if she's 'hooked on phonics' and if she'd like to bail on dinner by heading out her bedroom window. She talks him out of bailing out the window, only to have him end up grabbing a beer and heading out the kitchen door when she's not looking. Their first kiss is shared after Jess moves back to Stars Hollow and Rory kisses him. And again, promptly freaks out then takes off.
 Rory meets Logan at a coffee cart at Yale. He's easily seen as the cocky arrogant rich kid type right away. But when they really meet, he walks right up to Rory's door with his friends. Though still being the cocky tease he is, he admits to not remembering her which proceeds to an argument. He leaves her with a smile as he follows up the stairs, only stopping to say "Master and Commander... that's what I want you to call me." Much later in their story, as they dance to a nice instrumental version of Moon River (I swoon at the Breakfast at Tiffany's reference) they talk civil and seriously. They dance in circles for a moment before Rory drags him off the dance floor, grabs a bottle of champagne, and heads away from the people on the dance floor. After a quick offer of champagne on Rory's behalf, she leans in to Logan and kisses him. This time Rory's uncharacteristic decision to not run off leads to more- only to have Lorelai walk in. Following Lorelai is Christopher just steps behind, who utterly freaks out, which then causes Luke to rush in and freak out. This time Christopher and Luke did the freaking out for her.
 Now, I don't have a story of picking up books and being startled by a pair of feet inches from my face. Or one of him building me a car just because. I don't have a story of having my book shelf picked apart before being asked to go sit on a bench and stare at my shoes. Or of having a phone call about a book one pushed the other to read. I don't have a story of being completely ignored then being ridiculed in front of my own door. Or of grabbing an umbrella and jumping off of a stories high makeshift building with the Life and Death Brigade. But I do have a story of chatting about Paris trips to Musée de l'Orangerie and being able to see Monet's water lilies, the Nymphéas. One of me flying down the highway with my friends listening to an album he sent me. A couple of unfortunate timing, missed meetings, and busy days. One night of being 50 feet away from each other but missing out again by 3 minutes. One last minute idea at 9:30 of 'do you guys want to go to Oxford?' One that turned from a couple hours to four days of 'let's get to know each other' and 'stay another night'. One story of a panic attack so bad I thought I was going to die in the middle of nowhere. One of where after he dropped me off at home, I just leaned against my door biting my thumb nail and smiling to myself. One where I canceled plans and headed back up for another weekend. One where we dressed up as Veronica and JD and danced the night away drinking something I don't remember the name of. One of me ordering forty chicken nuggets from McDonalds at 1am. One where he asked me if I'd like to make this official and my mind went totally blank the only words I could muster up were "if we have to" in a joking manner... because god forbid I be normal for a second and say 'heck yes'. One of him showing me his photos of his trip from Paris, and me swooning over every one. Many stories of me blushing over words said. One of him meeting some of my family, and I meeting his. An amazing story I'll never forget of him taking me to see Breakfast at Tiffany's on the big screen. A story of us both being surprised only a week had gone by since we decided to make things real. Lots of shared songs, embarrassing photos, and little jokes. A great one of us with my mom and sister playing a game with Gilmore Girls running in the background. An ongoing story of him correcting my to/too's. And one of him staying up with me when I couldn't go back to sleep.
 I might not have Rory's stories of first meetings and everything in-between, but honestly I like my own stories. I share way too much with Rory, but these are mine. These are the stories that make it still feel weird it's barely been two weeks. And to be honest, my favorite story of his is of Monet's Water Lilies. Because for some reason when he spoke of that, I knew something was different, or there- it's just hard to describe at the moment. But for sure, Monet's Water Lilies.
 Oh- and somewhere in the middle of all that, a first kiss that left me biting my lip, blushing probably like crazy, and had my head spinning. I, unlike Rory, did no such thing as freak out or runaway, thank god.

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