Gilmore Girl Dinner

 When my boyfriend and I first got together I got him hooked on Gilmore Girls, and of course you can't watch GG without at least having one GG dinner! We hit up Kroger and I made him quickly choose between two different options as I poked him, annoyed him, as well as teased him. We ended up with a bunch of foods to eat as we watched a couple episodes at his apartment. Let's just say by the end of the night I had a food baby which I named Luke.
 It's super easy to have a Gilmore Girl dinner, all you need is a bunch of food. But, to make it more like the Gilmore Girls you just need to pick foods they'd eat too. I had my boyfriend pick from marshmallows or Red Vines, "who eats Red Vines anymore?" was his response but I still made him pick. He picked marshmallows of course. I made sure to keep asking as we pushed the cart up and down the aisles, picking different foods the girls would eat as well as some healthy options. No way was the amount of food we ate healthy but that Amy's gluten free breakfast burrito was healthy-ish!
 We need up each having sweet n' sour chicken with rice, one egg roll (he had an extra half but I physically couldn't eat any more), half a Mexican style pizza, and a burrito. For dessert there was Oreos (did you know they were vegan?), hot chocolate donuts, and marshmallows. We could not physically eat desert but we had the donuts on the drive back to Cincinnati the next morning. The Oreos ending up disappearing before we had any and I can't remember what happened to the marshmallows, I think he ate them later on.
 If you want to binge watch Gilmore Girls because you still haven't, which like hello why haven't you? But if you want to, it's super easy! I personally skipped lunch (not healthy but neither is that much food) so I knew I'd be hungry around 7pm for that 5 course dinner. I looked up a bunch of foods that were mentioned in the show or obviously a Gilmore Girl like snack/meal. Surprisingly a lot of articles were written on the massive amount of food Rory and Loralei could consume. Obviously you need to take a trip to the grocery store for the actual meals themselves or get lots of takeout. With where I'm located, there is enough little restaurants for every major food type to be in walking distance. Sushi, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, another sushi bar, etc. etc.
 Load up your grocery cart, prep all the food, and get ready to binge watch Gilmore Girls with your friends or significant other. Please don't eat all that food alone, honestly surprised he still wanted to date me after hearing me literally name my food baby and eating all that food. He went into a pretty quick food coma while an hour later I wanted Oreos, so prepare for both outcomes!

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