The Sun Also Rises

 I went to Half Price Books a while ago and purchased $70 worth of books. I went around and grabbed ones that I needed to read, needed to complete a series, wanted to read, that interested me, and a few that my boyfriend picked out for me. The first one I picked up to read was Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises.
 The way they speak in the book was slightly confusing at first, but I quickly grappled what they were saying and meant. This 1926 novel is about a group of American and British friends who make their way from Paris to Pamplona to experience the running of the bulls as well as the bullfights. They get to see all this happening at the Festival of San Fermín, which takes place still today in July. If I ever make it to Pamplona, Spain I will definitely try and experience the running of the bulls. And by experience it I mean watch it from afar because while I may be fast, I'm not that fast.
 Now if you're wondering what else the story is about, well it's actually a bit of a twisted love story. Jake Barnes, an American journalist living in the great city of Paris, is the one in love with a girl named Brett, Lady Brett Ashley. Lady Brett Ashley is certainly my favorite character. She embodies the 1920's new feeling towards sexual freedom and has many, many, love affairs. Let's just say some of her affairs drive Jake crazy enough to do things that are truly out of character for him.
 I'll tell you a little about Book One so you can dip your toes in the water. Book One is full of talks of cafes in Paris. My only knowledge of Parisian cafes prior to reading this book was when my boyfriend spoke of his three weeks there and a scene from Midnight in Paris. But the book describes the cafes nicely, Hemingway did greatly with those because you can actually picture the places even with simple details. Though I do prefer hearing my boyfriend describe his cafe trips in Paris over reading about it. But back to the screwy love story of Brett and Jake- in Book One Brett openly tells Jake that she does love him. She tells him but it's met with the knowledge that they both know that they have no chance to be together in a stable relationship. This being said after Jake meets a prostitute named Georgette and brings her to Count Mippipopolous, a nightclub, where he runs into Brett.
 I only just finished the book and can honestly say I loved it. I won't spoil anything else but my great big bookshelf now has another finished book set upon it. 

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