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Jet Black Set: The Deep V Bralette & Stripe Waist Bikini
Soft Pink Set: Geo Lace Bralette & Geo Lace Bikini
If you haven't seen my Instagram lately then you haven't seen these amazing bras and undies.  Lively sent me two sets to try out and see how much I liked them, which then resulted in me buying a bunch more. I know own five sets from Lively, which are actually sort of interchangeable with some of them because they are the same colours.
 Lively also sent me one of their newest bras from their new All-Day Series 2.0! Along with a coupon code for $10 off, AMB-SOPHIEM (expires 2/12/2017). Plus they have perks you can use to get coupons off yourself! Click here to sign up to get perks! When you spend $1 you earn 1 point! When you create an account, click my link to do so, you automatically get 100 Lively points to spend! They have so many different types of bras and undies as well as styles. I am honestly in love with this company! I used to shell out way to much money for bras, but over at Lively they have so many deals and good prices already.

All Day Mesh Trim Bralette in Heather Gray
 Add one bra to your shopping cart for $35, have two in there and it'll only cost you $55, add another and it's $75! Add three matching or unmatching pairs of panties and those 3 pairs of panties are $25. That's what I did and it was only $100, minus my $10 discount and it was $90. They also offer free shipping for purchases over $40.
 If you follow them on Instagram, @wearlively, you can see all of their behind the scenes photos of upcoming pieces! Plus, a wonderful added bonus, a bra will be donated for every purchase! I just purchased three more pieces, what are you thinking of purchasing? Just ordered the Triangle Bralette in Fresh Palm Print with the All-Day Thong, plus the Stripe Waist Brief in Jet Black!
Lush Life set: Mesh Trim Bralette & No Show Thong

  On February 3rd make sure you check out their website and Instagram! Lively is branding February 3rd as #LIVELYbabe Day! It's a day all about love, but especially love between girlfriends. Make sure you post about your love for your bffs on February 3rd and add the hashtag #LIVELYbabe on your social media!

Left Set: Long Lined Lace Bralette & No Show Thong
Right Set: Smooth Geo Trim Push Up & Mesh Back Bikini
(Both in Soft Pink)

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