Between the Lines

by - February 05, 2017

 I first found this book when thinking of a crazy idea for a story, one that is slightly similar to this story itself. I had this thought that, what if, you read a story where the main character fell in love with you. Like at the beginning of the story he or she didn't notice you reading their book, but by the end they were saying their solemn goodbyes and telling you it's time to close the book. Of course someone could totally make this book and it would probably be amazing, but Between the Lines isn't that book. Instead, it's a book about a teenager who's a totally bookworm who is totally obsessed with this fairytale book character. This character, Prince Oliver, is the kind hearted hero of this children's fairytale book, but she still pines over him and how he's written.
 Throughout the story you see how Delilah, that teenage bookworm, struggles with some things. She has no one to talk to but Prince Oliver, who at first she was only having one sided conversations with.  When Oliver finally talks back to her Delilah is obviously shocked by it but it doesn't take long for them to bond and understand each other perfectly. So perfect actually that they end up finding themselves both falling in love with one another. 
 It's truly a great book, I finished it a year to two ago but just loaned it to a friend recently and decided to write a little about it. It's obviously more for teen fiction but I find myself still going for those books because who doesn't love a little fun 300 page escape?

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