Falling For Hamlet

 Whenever someone asked me what my favorite book was, for years this was my answer I'd just blurt out before thinking. That still happens sometimes but now I've read so many books and I love so many of them that I have to double think every book. This is still one of my top favorites if not my absolute favorite still. If you haven't heard of Falling for Hamlet, hopefully you've at least heard of Hamlet.
 This is the story of Hamlet and Ophelia in modern day, or at least it was modern back in 2011, so still pretty modern. You get to see everything from Ophelia's point of view. Ophelia is a gorgeous blonde high school senior and happens to be longtime girlfriend of Prince Hamlet of Denmark. Now who follows around popular and famous people of today? Paparazzi, that's who. Her life is essentially dominated by those scoundrels, her boyfriend's fame, and his overbearing family members.
 Like the original story goes, Hamlet spirals into madness after the mysterious death of his father, who of course is the king. In this story Ophelia has to live through this madness and tell all about it in television interviews post crazy.
 I finished this book back in 2012, maybe 2013 so it's not fresh in my mind but I know back then I absolutely adored it. It's a great way to read the story of Hamlet but see it in a modern telling. It honestly reminds me of the movie A Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray. It's the telling of Cinderella but in a modern day telling, or at least as modern as AIM was in 2004... But you get the gist. It's like comparing A Cinderella Story to Cinderella, the Disney movie us princess fans probably watched at least once as kids.
 If you had to read Hamlet in class and liked it, give this a try. Of course the original is the best but this is a fun way to read the story too.

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