Instagram Goals

by - February 08, 2017

 I've decided that since a lot of people ask about my Instagram and things related to it, I'm going to have a couple posts decimated to it. So many people have asked me why I don't stick to a certain feed like I did back in July with my blue hued beach photos. And the simple answer to that is because I don't live by the beach.
 I took hundreds of photos which will most likely all eventually be posted to Instagram but I don't live by the beach so all my photos aren't going to be beach related. Since my blue beach theme has ended I've posted photos from Halloween, photos of me and my SO, Wear Lively item, and recently a nice row of green hued photos from Hilton Head and Dafuskie Island.
 Instagram is just one of my jobs I do so though I might have a theme most of the time or for a nice row of three, but I still post about other things. But one way to get a nice set up like I had in the end of summer is to take similar photos. I'm not the only one with a beach theme for my Instagram photos but here is what I did.

 I took most of my photos for this set on the beach around noon. I just so happened to always have my phone in hand snapping a few photos when the sun was high in the sky and perfectly above me. That's why they are all so bright, the sun gave the best lighting. If you have a bunch of photos in well lit areas then have one photo that is super dark compared to the rest, it might throw it off. Try to keep your photos all either as bright or as dark as before.
 You don't have to stick to one color like I did, but I definitely liked the blues and tans that I picked. I had a dark blue towel, a Tiffany blue book, a mix of blues bathing suit top, of course the blue sky and water as well. The sand looked like a nice light tan color once I added the filter and my skin was a pretty tan color as well. If you do want to stick to one door then make sure it's all the same shade or at least pretty close.
 Use the same filter, using different filters will totally change the photos. I use VSCOcam for everything and my go to filter is C1 so I used it on all of these photos. If I were to go from using C1 to A5 it would change everything. C1 makes photos bright while A5 makes them more dull. So you can't go for a theme then randomly have something that's completely different in line with the other photos.
 There are so many accounts you can follow for "Insta Inspiration" or just to see other themes that people may have! I am just one account with a little bit of a theme, other people have been doing themes for a lot longer than I have.

 Of course your Instagram is your Instagram so you can change it to how you want it but this is what I did for mine. I have a bunch of other Hilton Head and beachy summer photos I'd love to post but I also have other things too. I'll eventually get back to some aesthetically pleasing themes but for now I like what I'm doing. Just wait till Spring and Summer though when everyone has pool/beach related posts.

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