Missed Connections

  On Craigslist you can find your city and write about a missed connection you had with someone. People can write about a missed connection they had with a Starbucks Barista, someone from their gym, a guy at the library, the girl who passed them in Kroger. You can write about a missed connection with anyone. Some ask that if the person finds this to message them so they can go on a coffee date or something along those lines. Some are extremely cute while others aren't so cute.

 Today I had a 'missed connection' with someone I've actually spoken to before. They messaged me on a Monday on an old app I deleted maybe days after we had last spoken. Earlier as I was checking my emails I saw an email saying "friends are messaging you, come back!" so I downloaded the app expecting a message from my sister only to see it was someone who I hadn't talked to in a long time. They asked simply if I was still on the app, and I suppose after getting the same "Oops, it looks like _____'s phone has been off/dissconnected" message they logged back off and deleted the app. I sent back a reply but I got that message too, so hopefully they check their email like I did and see I messaged them back.
 I guess the reason I'm writing this post is because I want to contact them, but I don't know how. I want to ask them how their life has been, how is their career, how did school go, are you dating, have you thought about how much we used to talk, what made you think of reaching out for me, why on Earth did we ever stop chatting? I have so much I want to hear from them, but virtually no way of reaching out to them. They were my best friend for a long period of time and then we just grew apart and stopped talking.
 So I'm using this to reach out and, if by chance you see this, to say- message me.

 I want to hear from you, I know we ended on bad terms but that was years ago and I'd love to chat with you some time. Let's catch up soon, tell me all about your life. You know how to get in contact with me, so the ball is in your court. I'll keep the app on my phone for a bit and hope to see your name pop up on my screen soon. If not, you can email me through here, send me a message on Instagram, or text me- my number hasn't changed and I know I gave it to you many times. Even if we only talk for a couple hours then never speak again, that's fine with me. I just want to know that you're good, that life has treated you well. I'll be honest and say that I still think about you every once in a blue moon. I've always wondered how you've been and if the things you dreamed for came true. So don't hesitate to message me.
 If not, if you never see this or download that app again, then I hope your life has been treating you well and continues to do so. If we never ever speak again then I hope some way, some how, you just know that your message didn't go unread. Good luck to you, and maybe three years from now you think of me again and try again.
 Much love,
    Sophie Manheimer
Anonymous said...

This is so sad...

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