Birthday Beauty Freebies

by - March 01, 2017

 It was my 20th birthday a little while ago, so was not prepared for that, and my mom's was just in January. I will not say her age because she will literally murder me but she's a very young mom so there's that. But anyways, she is an Ulta rewards member as well as with Sephora, which means on her birthday she gets a couple freebies. As a girl who loves makeup, I made sure she got all of those freebies, then I made sure I was signed up for things myself!
 With Ulta, in February it was my birthday month, so I got two times the points for every purchase. Of course if you have your emails set up you can see when you get 2x, 3x and even 5x the points. On your actual birthday you also get a free gift as long as you check your emails. Make sure you sign up online and have a Ulta card too.
 Sephora also gives you a birthday freebie, there are three to pick from when you sign up with your email. You also always get three free samples at the checkout, but you do have to have at least one thing in your cart so save up for a nice eyeshadow palette then get all your freebies!
 Bare Essentials gives you a personal sale day with 15% off plus when your birthday is here you get a gift voucher for a free product!
 If you sign up for Smashbox then you're able to get not just birthday freebies but other freebie opportunities! You can get an additional deluxe sample with each order, weekly gifts, and of course your birthday goodies. You do have to have a minimum purchase of $35 but if you save up and buy some Smashbox things on your birthday it's certainly worth it.
 Tarte gives you a 20% off coupon that lasts 30 days for you to put towards your purchase, which is really nice. If you purchase during that time you also get a special deluxe sample too.
 If you register to become a YSL Blackbook member with Yves Saint Laurents then you can receive the perks of free shipping, two deluxe samples with each order, as well as a personalized birthday gift of a full sized product. A full sized product sounds amazing!
 BH Cosmetics also gives you a little birthday gift as well as Too Faced so after signing up for all of these above you should definitely check them out too. I was certainly all over these freebies on my birthday and will soon be filling up my vanity with eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks. 

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