How I Edit Instagram Photos

by - March 15, 2017

 I post a lot of photos to Instagram, all usually have a filter on them and have been tweaked a bit with the brightness or contrast. I have a couple tips and tricks to editing photos, some I stumbled upon myself and others people have shared with me. My favorite group of photos I edited were my blue toned beach photos from Hilton Head, as well as a nice line of three that I had in Spring of 2016. But how do I edit them so they all look nice? Well here's how.

 Snapping the Photo

Most of my photos were taken with my iPhone 6s, especially the nice set of blue ones. I do use my camera for some photos but the lighting with my iPhone just looks nice, my camera is kind of old and better for videos really. I always make sure the lighting is bright in my photos, and to make sure it looks really nice I turn my brightness up on my phone too. Especially if you want to add a filter on the photo because some of my go to filters look better with well lit photos compared to ones with lots of shadows.

Picking a Filter

 I use VSCOcam for all of my photos, mostly the C1filter.  That is my go to filter and I usually don't use anything else. I do own a lot of other filters and sometimes use C3 for my filter but to me C1 looks the best. If you have a lot of shadows in your photos though it will make it a bit darker, so mess around with what filters you like. There are so many filters to pick from, and a lot of them are in bundles for good deals.

Brightness, Contrast, Saturation

 I usually use VSCOcam to edit the brightness, contrast, or saturation. But lately I've been using Instagram's editing tools too. When I pick C1 it picks up on the shadows, even if they are barely there, and they make them so much darker. That's the only part I don't like about it, but it does make the colours so vibrant and bright. So I use their editing tools to tweak the shadows a bit until I like the photo and it's brighter. Using the Instagram editing tools work well too though, maybe even better with the latest update.

VSCOcam Filter C1

VSCOcam Filter C1 plus Instagram Editing Tools

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