Maroon 5 Concert

 This Maroon 5 concert couldn't have come at a better time. I've always heard that music was in it's own way therapeutic but this concert was purely perfection for the crazy rollercoaster of a month I had in February. I have loved Maroon 5 since I was a child, I remember my dad playing Songs About Jane in the car as we drove from A to B. I have listened to all the songs on all the albums since then and was singing along to every song the other night, word for word.

 They played songs off of all their albums, including some of my absolute favorites like She Will Be Loved, Harder to Breath, Maps, and Daylight. I was dancing in spot in the sold out show screaming all the words to all the songs. It felt so surreal to see a band that I've grown up with, a band this amazing and this wonderful. I even texted my sister the following morning and said "We freaking saw Maroon 5 last night". She responded with "omg yes" which I just know how her reaction was typing it, and it was pure joy.

 Some of their songs that they play I hadn't listened to in a while, but I still remembered every lyric. One song even grasped at a new meaning in a new light. Daylight. That song was so incredibly new to me now, it had a whole new look and feeling when I sang it this time. Hell, I screamed it this time. Seriously, this concert was so incredibly therapeutic for me you have no idea. The way music can make you feel, god it's insane. When you're happy you listen to the beat, the great upbeat tunes, the just overall great sound. But when you're sad, you listen to the lyrics. And that's why I think it was so therapeutic for me in my sad state. I really listened to the lyrics and felt them in my heart this time.

 If you have a favorite artist or band, go see them. Do what you can to go see them. Even if your seats are nose bleeds like mine, it is so worth it to go see them. I really want to see John Mayer too, so I got general admission to go see him because his new album got me through my breakup. Plus it's a really good album in itself. But if you can find a way to go see your artist or band, then do it. It is such an incredible experience. You may have to save up a bit but believe me it is worth it to work those extra hours, save that extra cash, and experience this. The concert experience is always just so amazing, and I have three more to go to this year that I'm excited to be a part of.

 With all that said, that Friday night was the best night I've had in a while. I sang my heart out, I cried, I danced, I laughed, and enjoyed life again. Maroon 5 was amazing and I am actually so glad that their concert got pushed from September to March because the timing was perfect. Also because I got to hear them preform I Don't Wanna Know and Cold which were both incredible. The whole concert helped me move on to happy days and better times.

 As soon as I got home, at about 12:20am, I put my new Maroon 5 t-shirt on my mirror to wear the nest day and grabbed my special notebook. Just like music, writing is therapeutic for me. I wrote a little something that at first I wanted to keep private, but I feel like after sharing it with one person, maybe others need to hear it. After writing it all down and hooking my phone up to my laptop to transfer my photos, I passed out with ringing in my ears and music playing in my head.

 I lost you in the lyrics. I let you go somewhere in between singing along with all my heart to the words of the song and crying as I tried desperately to hold it in. I screamed every word of Daylight as Adam Levine sang it down on stage not knowing how much it meant to someone in the crowd. I lost you between the notes of the music. The part of you I held on to so desperately was washed away by the sound of the drums, the guitar, the piano, and every word. The part of you buried deep in my heart was released as I sang along, as I screamed all my hurt away, as I thought back over in every detail our last night and morning together. As I realized just how perfectly those lyrics fit you. 
 I left you there, in that moment. In that small shaky breath I released between 'staring at your perfection,' and 'in my arms, so beautiful'. In those tears that fell down my face. In the words I sang so loudly. In the shining lights. In the arena. In that moment. In those 3 minutes and 40 something seconds. I let you go with the song, with the concert, with the band, with the night. 
 At midnight, as Maroon 5 headed to New York and I headed back home, I let the part of you I held on to go with them as I pulled out of the parking lot. I realized in the concert it was getting hard to remember your face, your voice, your touch, your laugh, your hands. Things that I could so easily picture weeks ago, now hard to imagine at all. I'm letting that fade for now, until you figure out your life and decide to come back or not. 
 I still care for you, I still have feelings for you, but I'm letting you go. I still want you, I still want to be with you, but I let you go. I let you go as the song ended, the lights came up, and I wiped away my tears from my eyes. 
 I lost you in the lyrics of Daylight

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