Spring Cleaning

by - March 22, 2017

 I have officially begun my Spring Cleaning. My closet is the first thing I'm sorting through and cleaning up. Now I'm not getting rid of everything but I am definitely selling clothes that no longer fit me to Plato's Closet, while putting the Christmas Cat sweater in storage. Aka that sweater is going in the pretty blue bin under my bed. But in order for me to figure out what to keep in my closet, my mom helped me find this thing called a wardrobe capsule. I was able to search 'boho wardrobe capsule' online and find a bunch of different things that I need to keep for my spring and summer closet. I also found many things that I needed to get rid of that didn't fit my style at all. After going through  my closet and making sure I still had things I could wear to work, I put all the extra clothes in storage or a box labeled "Plato's".
 After going through my closet, I hit my family room. Any little odd trinket or random thing I found that I didn't have a single use for I got rid of. I also bought another little organizer for my family room. I switched out the black one and put that in my bedroom for more space. Each cubby has nine cubes for storage and I have 15 little storage bins to put in them. In my family room I put magazines, CDs, coloring books, and photography supplies in there so far. I also cleaned up my record player area and put all my canvases between my record holder and cubby holder/tv stand. Right across from those cubby holders I have my two bookcases which I have organized with all my books. On top I some Audrey Hepburn photos and trinkets since my wall space is dedicated to photos. On the other side of my family room I finally got something to clean up my coffee supplies. I bought a bar cart from Target and put all of the coffee supplies my mom bought me for christmas there. Everyone I've shown a picture of it to is super jealous. I also have my teas and hot cocoa there in case people who enter my apartment aren't coffee fans.
 Now living in Clifton doesn't mean you need a car. In fact, I don't own one nor have my license yet, but that's another story. What I do have though is this totally adorable bike I got for my birthday. I can't put major holes in my walls so I have it leaning up against my wall next to my kitchen table. I ave just enough room for someone to slip in and sit down without having to move my bike. I even use the basket on the bike to hold my notebooks for the moment.
 Moving back to my bedroom, I have an older tv there on top of another cubby holder. This one is filled with art supplies, DVD's, VHS tapes, and boho trinkets like my favorite salt lamp. I have organized all of those things in alphabetical order and put my trinkets in their places in a cute little order. I made sure not to give myself a nightstand in my bedroom because I can never keep it organized. I always end up putting something on it before bed then forgetting to clean it off the next morning. With that being said, my vanity was a disaster. Not only had I put so many random things on there but I certainly to clean things out of it too. I went through all of my makeup and threw out anything that was expired, making sure to keep a list of it if I needed to grab more. I organized all of my makeup by eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, mascaras, etc. I also cleaned my makeup brushes and cleaned my clear makeup organizers that I had on top of my vanity.
 Overall Spring Cleaning was successful for me. Not only did I finally get rid of the clutter that I shouldn't have moved into my new apartment in the first place, but it was therapeutic for me too. A little cleaning never hurt anyone.

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