Spring Training

by - March 29, 2017

 Spring is coming up soon which only means that Summer is essentially right around the corner. As we know, most people go somewhere warm for Spring, like maybe Florida or California. What that means is you need to be 'bikini body ready' for Spring Break. Of course any body is bikini ready, which I've talked about before. But at the beginning of this year I decided I not only wanted to be bikini body ready but I also wanted to be generally healthy and fit. I did of course have a few things I wanted to happen like lose the 5 pounds I gained over the holidays, tone my body, get a flatter stomach and better booty. So I grabbed my at home exercise equipment, bought some workout clothes, made sure my gym membership was still being paid for, and got ready.
 I treated myself a bit and went to Pink during their sales and bought workout leggings, two pairs of workout shorts, and three sports bras. All could go together in some way so I figured might as well stock up because I expect to workout a lot. The next day I put on the leggings and headed out for a two mile walk with my mother, who also happens to be my gym partner. It's always great to have a gym partner because then you don't have to workout alone and can have some healthy competition!
 As of right now I'm trying one at home gym workout, going to the gym at least once a week is possible, and eating a better diet. I'm slowing cutting out so many unhealthy foods, which has surprisingly been super easy for me and I haven't had many cravings.
 The at home gym program is Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide and wow it's kicking my butt! She started it with many other girls this year on January 9th and I've been keeping up with her! With my work schedule and just weird life schedule I've had to adjust some days slightly but within three weeks of the program I lost 3 pounds! I've been putting my workouts, as well as meals, into the My Fitness Pal app! It syncs up with the Fitbit I have been using too so my steps I take are added in too!
 I've been making sure to eat the healthy foods I need to eat in order to stay energized throughout the day, as well as to keep up with these workouts. They honestly kick my butt but I can totally tell a difference already! She advises to take photos of yourself so you can really see a different after a couple weeks but I decided against that. I recommend it though for people who want a bit more motivation, because once you notice a change then you'll be hooked! When you try out BBG make sure you do the pre-training workouts before just jumping into it. The first time I tried BBG a while back I jumped straight for the workouts and wow were they harder than this time around. But along with making sure I stretch, did the pre-training, and am eating better, I'm also trying out some Women's Best products and Vega ones as well! For Women's Best I decided to try out their Slim Body Shake  in Cookies and Cream, their BCAA amino acid powder in Green Apple, their Burner Caps, and their Toner Caps. With Vega I bought their Vega One, All in One Shake that was chocolate flavored. I make sure I drink a smoothie and take the capsules before working out because I honestly feel better during my workout when I do! And the days I'm not working out hard with BBG (Tues, Thurs, Sat, & Sun) I'm putting some of the BCAA in my big water bottle.
 It's not too late to decide to workout for that Summer body, Spring Break body, or 'just because' body. You don't need to spend money on new workout clothes or special drinks but I find that it helps me personally. As long as you're dedicated and motivated to get yourself to the gym, the local trail, or your family room then it can work for you. I'm doing this mostly for my mental health and to feel better about myself, so I use that as my motivation. Believe me, you will be sore after your workouts but it just reminds you that you're doing pretty well with sticking to them! 

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