Surviving A Road Trip

by - March 10, 2017

 My family always decides to drive to Hilton Head each year, which means about eleven hours in the car there and back. We leave at 4 am to get to the island and leave a bit later to get home after our two weeks. Of course eleven hours in the car is a lot, and though I try to sleep for most of it I don't always get to.
 This past year I slept for 99% of the ride until we got right before the long bridge to the island. The year before I finished a book in the car ride down but slept from Kentucky to Tennessee on the way down. I'm almost always awake in time to see the fog and sun come up over the Tennessee mountains so I'm awake for a little bit of the trip.
 Other road trips, like my one to Columbus almost two years ago, was a super short one. I still had a couple hours to kill though so I needed things to do.  If you can't be asleep for most of your ride, or your ride is to short to sleep, then here are a few things you can do. I've done most of these on road trips, short and long, so feel free to try them out!

  1. Read a book! This is such a great time to read as long as you don't get car sick. I've finished short books or at least a good chunk of some during road trips. Bring a book with you that you want to read and get started on the way to your destination.
  2. Listen to music and sing along. I took a trip up to this little town during the summer with my friends and made a long playlist of songs we all loved to sing along to. We had NYSNC, Beyonce, The Kooks, Halsey, and a bunch of old songs loaded on. We sang the whole way there without having to repeat a song, and I've been adding songs since.
  3. Bring a coloring book and some colored pencils. If the road isn't to bumpy you can totally draw and doodle away to your hearts content. I have a couple coloring books I absolutely love and adore that I am bringing along to Hilton Head this year!
  4. Play games along the way, you can totally play the license plate game. See who can find more states along the way, bonus points for Alaska or Hawaii of course. I think I've seen Alaska at least three times during all of my road trips that I've taken.
  5. If you can't do any of the four above and desperately want to catch up on some sleep then here is a tip for you. If you were to leave at 4 am like me then wake up early that day then stay up until you leave. You'll pass out quickly, and bring a pillow as well as blanket for the trip! Bring headphones and make a quiet playlist for you to listen to so you block out the other passengers who will probably be singing to some song loudly. Avoid coffee that day of course so you make sure to pass out, and maybe take a melatonin or two to sleep through the ride if it's a long one!
 Have fun getting to where you need to go! Believe me the ride back home feels much shorter than the ride there so if none of these work, look forward to that. Pack some things you can use on road trips too and not just during your vacation, like the books I mentioned to read. And if anything, you can always scroll through social media on your phone or read more of my blog posts!

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