This Modern Love

 This book is a must read for our generation. I truly adore this book so much, I've gone through it too many times to count. This Modern Love by Will Darbyshire should be read by every boy and  girl of any age because it is filled with love letters from all over.
 The way Will put this book together was perfect. He had 15,570 people respond to his quest of writing about "those in love, out of love, and everything in between". 3,099 emails in their inbox, 3,000 Tumblr messages, 58 letters in their mailbox, 7,924 words for 'love' on Instagram, and 1,489 tweets with the hashtag ThisModernLove. I took part in this book process as well, submitting to some of the six questions asked by Will. I also took part is hunting down a copy from Barnes and Noble because I simply was dying without the book in my hands. Each question that had an answer, each love letter, each breakup letter, each sad heart and excited loved filled one was shared on to these pages for others to read. The questions asked were truly perfection and I answered each one that I could, then sent it in. The fun this is looking at my answers then and what they would be now. As time changes so does your thoughts on love, for a hot second I was a cynic when it came to it and believed it was fake and phony. For a longer second I thought it was this purely magical thing that you could only find in the soul of another. Now I'm somewhere in between.
 Here are the questions Will Darbyshire asked everyone to answer with their hearts.
 What would you say to your ex, without judgement? Write a thank you note to your partner - describe or share (in a photo) the big and little things that make you happy. What single word sums up your love life, your partner, or someone you like? What single image sums up your love life, your partner, or someone you like? What would you say to a crush- write a letter to them to express it. How has technology affected your relationship, either positively or negatively- describe it.
 I could sit down and take photos or write a novel myself to answer all these questions. That would be fun and maybe heartbreaking or uplifting, but reading the responses is so wonderful. The answers from 98 different countries with the main demographic being 16-24 but the youngest being 12 and oldest being 81.
 There are three sections of the book; beginning, middle, end. The beginning is when the relationship is new and fun. Filled of wonder and hope, with excitement and happy thoughts. The middle is where you start to feel a sort of tender melancholy feeling towards your partner. You feel happy and at home. Or things start to get rocky and your ground isn't to sturdy anymore but you're working on it. The end is when it's all over. This last chapter is filled with people getting their closure and saying goodbye of the memory of their ex. It is filled with sad letters and heartbreaks. Confessions of hurt and sadness but at the same time peace. What Will says in the introduction of the end chapter is truly touching and something I needed to hear again recently.
 If you get the chance, pick up a copy of the book. Reading it today on this rainy Sunday with my cup of coffee. My record player filling my apartment with the mixed sound of sad words and the guitar. The rain cooling down the warm weather and filling in the white noise. I'm rereading the pages as I pick at the dried paint on my one hand. I'm feeling purely happy and calm and in love with this book that is putting me back together in the simplest way.

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