32 Things To Do

 When I was in high school, some summer days totally bummed me out. I was bored, didn't have plans, and felt like I was wasting my day! I personally fear time wasted, I despise it! Finally I'd just give into my day being a bore. This year though I'll be working a lot so I won't have as much free time as before, but I've started making a list for days that I'm off. I have my bucket list of course but simple things are fun too! Whether it's raining or you're just stuck at home, there are many things you can do.

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Take a drive and blast music
  3. Go eat at a new restaurant
  4. Go for a swim
  5. Hike a new trail
  6. Plan, in detail, a summer outing for you and your friends
  7. Go volunteer
  8. Grab a book and go to a park
  9. Buy a canvas and paint
  10. Make some planters and fill them with your favorite plants
  11. Completely reorganize your apartment
  12. Try yoga
  13. Try a new workout
  14. Rearrange all of your books, CDs, DVDs or records
  15. Finally do the laundry you've been avoiding
  16. Take your dog for a walk, they'll love it
  17. Cook or bake something
  18. Meditate
  19. Make a spa day for yourself
  20. Start teaching yourself a new language (I'm trying Italian, Greek, and relearning French)
  21. Deep clean your apartment 
  22. Wash your car
  23. Dance
  24. Clean out your phone
  25. Binge a tv show on Netflix (Twin Peaks, 13 Reasons Why, Charmed, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls)
  26. Watch documentaries
  27. Have a movie day
  28. Start that thing you've been dying to do
  29. Plan out a scrapbook for your summer adventures
  30. Make a collage out of old magazines
  31. Start a blog
  32. Buy a planner and organize your month

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