Paper Towns

 Paper Towns is a book I actually started a long time ago and then lost. I got to about chapter two then lost the book somewhere in the world. I didn't buy another copy for a while but when I did, I binged every chapter within three days. It was a little after the movie had come out actually, and I was able to avoid the movie and all of it's spoilers. Finally, back in February, I watched the movie. Honestly, it was rushed. But what can you expect from a one hour and fifty three minute movie that is trying to pack a whole extravagant novel into it?
 If you have the novel and haven't read it, I suggest you read it. Even if you've seen the movie, seriously the book is so much better. 
 For a summary of this book I'll tell you this much; the story is the same but the way it's told is better. It starts off with two nine year olds riding their bike to a park, where they happen upon a man who is no longer living. Intrigued and engrossed by the body is one of the nine year olds, Margo Roth Spiegelman. The other one, petrified and ready to forget the whole ordeal right away was named Quentin Jacobson. Unlike Quentin, Margo Roth Spiegelman, wants to find out more about the man. In the end she figures out why he killed himself, and that starts everything in a sense for Margo Roth Spiegelman.
 Nine years later Margo Roth Spiegelman comes to Quentin's window in the middle of the night. Since the whole dead body investigation, they haven't really spoken. But now, Margo needs Quentin's help and a few favors. She has a hit list and she's out for revenge, and she needs a driver. Now this hit list isn't in the same sense of a murderous hit list but as in one where everyone gets what is coming for them. Throughout the night, the hit list has names checked off as the two zoom all over town. By sunrise the list is completed, Margo and Quentin are friends again, and all is right with the world. Though after that night, Quentin doesn't see Margo at school and rumor has it, she's gone.
 This whole amazing story is the story of how Quentin Jacobson is setting out to find Margo Roth Spiegleman, the girl who's whole name is the only way to say it. The girl who has done the impossible and extraordinary each time she takes off. The girl who Quentin Jacobson is utterly crazy for. It's filled with him jumping from clue to clue trying to figure out where in the world she is at the moment. This is a book that John Green has written perfectly and it's one of my favorites of his, in the top three for sure.

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