Summer Bucket List 2017

by - April 21, 2017

  1. Take my friends to White Rock, Indiana (a rock quarry turned camping and swimming site)
  2. Bunbury 2017!
  3. Attend John Mayer's concert
  4. Go to the zoo
  5. Travel to a different state for the whole day
  6. Go to a city I've never been to in my home state of Ohio
  7. Get ice cream from the Whippy Dip
  8. Attend a carnival
  9. Have an all out picnic
  10. Do something new for 4th of July!
  11. Take a long bike ride on the Loveland Bike Trail
  12. Plan an epic road trip to somewhere new
  13. Go camping!
  14. Get back to Hilton Head Island
  15. Take friends to the Drive-In movies
  16. Ride a Ferris Wheel
  17. Buy a Jeep
  18. Attend the Miamisburg Spring Fling Festival
  19. Go to Taste of Cincinnati or Taste of Blue Ash
  20. Go see the Cincinnati Pride Parade
  21. Run in the Color Run!
  22. Attend a Shawn Mendes concert
  23. Attend a state fair
  24. Spend all day at the pool
  25. Go to a few new museums
  26. Head back to Germantown and find that great burger place!
  27. Go to Krohn's Conservatory
  28. Climb (at least most) of the Carew Tower stairs (aim for all by the end of summer)
  29. Find a new trail and try it out
  30. Go to the Contemporary Art Center on a free day
  31. Take photos in front of and of all murals downtown
  32. Walk Spring Grover Cemetery
  33. Go to Betty's Iris Gardens
  34. Make a Summer 2017 scrapbook and fill every page
  35. Collect more festival/concert/event wristbands! Friendship bracelets too!

 This list will definitely grow over time, I've been adding to this list since the year started. Make sure to come back to it to see what I cross off and what blog entries will be made off of my adventures! I'll certainly be taking lots of photos and be making lots of entries about the things on this list so check here and my Instagram for photos!

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