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 I have done a lot of spring cleaning, and mostly it was in my closet. I have an extra large closet but even with that being said, there was barely ever any space when I was putting clothes away. I ended up filling three boxes and a large hamper full of clothes that I'll be selling to my local Plato's Closet asap. I kept all of my concert, Piggly Wiggly, Market Street, Salty Dog, and vintage tee's. My high waisted thrift shop jeans and shorts, along with my baggy "boyfriend' pants that have too many holes. I kept a few pieces I only wear for work and a lot of my dresses.
 After that I went to a couple Goodwill's and Valley Thrifts to stock my closet back up with the clothes I actually want to wear instead of ones I just can't get rid of. I aimed for 90's clothes, even snagging a pair of platform black flip-flops like Kat Stratford has. I basically grabbed screenshots of all of my favorite 90's outfits and started searching. The following photos show the scores I found, I can't wait to wear all of these fun things the rest of spring and summer!
One of my many Market Street tops from Hilton Head, South Carolina

Paired with a pair of overalls I found at Goodwill

A basic white top I've had for wear paired with a spring floral $4 dress from Valley Thrift

Jean jacket thrifted by my mom a year or so ago, I actually have a few patches I've sewn on it.

This bag was $3 from a Goodwill by my work, and I've used it since. I actually brought it to work and all of my co-workers asked me where I got my new Coach purse, all of their reaction to my $3 Croft & Barrow leather backpack were shocked faces.

The jeans are three years old from Forever 21 that were high waisted skinny jeans, I chopped them up for summer since they're extremely faded.

$5 top that is actually my grandmother's but I borrowed it and simply tied it up high like many girls did in the 80's and 90's.
This little purple tank was a piece I grabbed for $2 from Goodwill. It's a perfect satin fabric and I'll probably crop the hem a bit like a lot of tanks were in the 90's. I also snagged a olive green tank too!

Maxi dresses were go to's in the 90's. Pair them with a white top underneath, a jean jacket, a cardigan, or black platform flip-flops! A simple maxi dress is the perfect 90's grab that seems to be timeless.

The breezy long patterned pants paired with a crop top is a look I saw a lot for 90's and the early 2000's. And it's definitely a look I've seen over the past few years too. I paired these green ones with a black cropped tank top. I also have a red patterned pair with elephants I usually pair with a black crop top too.
Thrifting is such a save for broke college kids, honestly you can find all kinds of clothes. Old vintage great finds and relatively new in style pieces. Just google second hand shops and don't pass over a Goodwill. As long as you know what you're looking for, you'll usually turn up with things. And who knows, maybe your free day is a 50% off day at Goodwill and you find 10 great things! My last trip to Valley Thrift and Goodwill got me 15 piece's for just about $60. Many of the pieces were 90's or early 2000's style that are coming back in style. I bought a pink tennis skirt for $4 but at American Apparel it's $54. This blue "Rory Gilmore's Chilton Uniform" plaid skirt cost me $3 while also at American Apparel, would've been $65. And those denim button up in the front skirts, I have three (one is a skort) with all in total cost me maybe $15 including tax. For just one at American Apparel, it's $62. And the one without buttons is still $48 while my two of those were less than $10.
 I get buying from there is more of buying the name, and I understand because I only buy bra's from Victoria Secret or Pink (also Lively) but that's because the name is also a show of quality and status. But my thrifted $3 leather backpack isn't coach but 7 people thought it was. I could've easily said it was but they seemed more impressed that it wasn't and that it was only $3 but looked so good!
 Before the song Thrift Shop came out, I was mocked for buying clothes from second hand shops. I've been thrifting since before I hit double digits. Going to the mall to buy clothes has always been a fun experience because I can't always afford the high prices of Forever 21 or H&M. I save my money and only spend it on things when needed and splurge on my birthday or in summer. So by going to thrift stores with outfits already planned, I save so much and have fun on my scavenger hunt. You can easily recreate 90's outfits (which are coming back in full force in many ways) by thrifting. So go hunt your little thrifting heart out!

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