Black Velvet

 I loved this black velvet bikini during summer and I'm bringing it back out for this summer. Not only did Bikini Junkie totally kill it with this black velvet bikini but the top and bottoms individually. The top has long ties with black velvet tassels on the end, oh my goodness amazing. The bottoms are nicely cut and show a bit more cheek than I normally like but honestly I've been loving the way my booty looks in the bottoms. The top is called the Deja Triangle Bikini Top, in black velvet of course. The bottoms are called the Love Bikini Bottom also in black velvet.
 There are two other options that you can choose from in black velvet. There are another set of bottoms and another top, a bandeau top, that you can choose from. But I can definitely tell you that this velvet piece keeps up with the sand and the ocean water plus pool water. I made sure to hand wash the top because the tassels started to fall out when I machine washed it. Easy fix to put back together though, I sewed it together to make sure they all stayed though.
 Honestly out of all my bathing suits, this velvet one totally takes the cake. Anything velvet is already my favorite, but this black velvet bikini has won my heart. I'll certainly be searching for more velvet bikinis soon! Hello summer of 2017, I am so ready for you.

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