Bringing Back Audrey

 Depending on how long you've been following my blog, you might remember one post from April of last year talking about how I'd adore to be like Audrey Hepburn. In that post I said how I awkwardly stumbled through a three hour conversation with a truly great guy. Remember how I said I wanted to down like a full troth of wine because of moronic I was in front of said guy? By the end of that night my cheeks were probably as red as a bottle of merlot wine... If you haven't read it, it's called Let Me Be Audrey and you need to read it to understand the ramblings of this post.
 So, the reason I bring that guy up- let's call him Fred- is because it turns out T knows Fred! They're actually sorta kinda friends since T is friends with a roommate of Fred's. From the moment T told me that I mentally prepared myself to sooner or later run into Fred. But here I am, in this laughable situation that I was in last year, of summer time in college. Okay so yes technically I'm not in college yet but I live in Clifton, essentially a college town, so everyone who doesn't live here full time heads home. So if I do run into Fred before everyone heads home, I can only imagine the internal tantrum I will throw when missing out on an awesome friend opportunity yet again.
 Isn't life funny though, the things it throws at you? Last year I ran into Fred while walking to a party and we talked for a few hours- then I never saw him after that around Clifton. Now I have this weird upped chance of seeing him again. H and T were two people that I saw in my classes and the halls of my school in middle school. Now I'm grabbing sushi with T and all three of us are talking about a million topics at H's place till 3am.
 Now let's hope that if I do happen to run into Fred again I remember to not curse in front of him (something I forgot about until I reread the blog I wrote), I don't have the giant urge to drown myself in rosé, and maybe he sticks around so I can get a even larger group to head to White Rock than I did last year.
 I might not be as charismatic or beautiful as Audrey will forever be remembered for (as well as much more like being a wonderful humanitarian) but that doesn't mean I can't do things she did. She had lots of friends who adored her, she had men who fell in love with her just by looking at her, she had people who admired her because of her kind heart and work with UNICEF, and much much more. Perhaps I'm not exactly like Audrey Hepburn but I am funny in my own way, charming in my own way, and many more things that Audrey was but in my own way.
 With that being said, I still hope if I do run into Fred he doesn't remember meeting me so I can start fresh and seriously not have the deep urge to down a bottle of wine and forget my awkwardness of that night.

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