Just One Day

 I'm starting off with saying I adore this book, I read it three times back to back when I got it. I still haven't read the sequel to it called Just One Year but I have heard that these two books will be made into movies eventually. I'm extremely excited to watch that movie and see how it goes! Also apparently there is a third book called Just One Night which I didn't even know about until just right now.
 Now before I get too far ahead of myself let me tell you about this book Just One Day. If you've seen Before Sunrise then it may seem like a sort of and slightly similar story because when I saw that movie, this book popped into my mind.
 A girl named Allyson is on a student tour through Europe with students as well as her friend Melanie, or better known as Mel now. Allyson is as planned as a road map, with every little detail printed out. She figured this post graduation, pre college, trip would be good for her to change or at very least lose up a bit. Though while other students hit the pubs, Mel and Allyson hit the hotel room for a night of American movies. While there, Mel convinces Allyson to cut her long dark hair to a short sleek bob with bangs, hoping to help Allyson reinvent herself like she did.
 Allyson says she'll be more smart and pretty while Mel will be more daring and revealing.
 Fast forward to a little later when Allyson ends up seeing a man named Willem who plays Sebastian in Shakespeare's Twelve Night that she happens to see. Willem is in preforming throughout Europe with an actor's troupe that he happened to get into by chance. The charming dutch Willem speaks french and english, a vagabond by choice, and certainly a lady's man. He singles out Allyson at the end of the performance when he throws her the coin, only unlike the other women at the other performances who catch the coin, she doesn't stay behind to see him.
 With the European tour ending, Mel and Allyson catch a train and head on their way to meet up with Mel's family members before flying back to the states. Sitting on the train as well is Willem, openly ready to flirt with Allyson- who he calls Lulu after an actress she resembles. The three end up chatting on the train as the topic of Paris arises. Which then brings up and offer Willem makes to Allyson, let him take her to Paris on his dime or head on her way with Mel.
 This story is filled with the details of the day that Allyson, or better known as Lulu, had in Paris with Willem. Their adventures and conversations, one which I still remember to this day about how falling in love is like being stained. The whole book is a whirlwind of romance and heartbreak, it's a book that I've grown to truly adore especially as I've gotten older. 

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