Old New Friends

 Recently I reconnected with two guys who happened to go to the same elementary and middle school with me. Living in Clifton right on campus of UC I've seen a few people from the different schools I have attended but never really spoke to anyone. This time though was different, I planned a little catch up lunch with T so we could see what has been going on since 5th grade.
 Surprisingly it was like we picked up right where we left off but much better. I didn't really talk to T too much in elementary school simply because I didn't really talk to many people back then. My time at Madeira (3rd grade to 6th) was a living Hell. But that's a whole other story, let me say though that that school is the reason for many of my disorders I've spoken about here. Anyways, we started chatting over sushi at a local park for three hours. We talked about what happened after I moved, who I dated, what my thoughts on religion were, how Instagram became a thing, and so much more. We talked about how different my high school was compared to his, and how college is for him and how it will be for me. He told me and showed me all the photos of him studying abroad in Cambridge, Madrid, and like five other places that he's been to in the past two years. We chatted in the park for literally hours before I had to head out to meet my friend for a gym session and dinner.
 After dinner though we ended up all hanging out together, T even invited H to come along too. H, also from my elementary school days, and I instantly bonded like we were old friends for years too. It was so insane to me how quickly I became friends with these two guys. I find it so funny how two men who I used to pass in the halls or see sitting across the classroom, but barely spoke to, could have me laughing all night long till 3am in the same day we finally decide to hang out a decade after I left. Isn't it funny?
 It's amazing what can change in a decade. And how you can run into people you sort of knew and when you see them again you just hit it off so well. I'm pretty excited for the summer and to see what happens with my little reunion group. I can only imagine that it'll expand and be large enough to make a group that'll annoy people at a restaurant if we all go together and crack some jokes.

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