Royally Messing Up

 So remember my last Friday post? Great, me too. So the night after it published, guess who I ran into? No, not Fred, but his roommate/friend. Oh and said friend knew who I was without knowing it was me. I figure you need some backstory so I believe reading my last blog post, and the one linked in that blog post, will sort of fill you in if you haven't already. Anyways- after Fred dipped out on hanging out with me last year I published that original blog entry. I guess some time later he did a little research and found it for himself! Well I guess that explains why when I went to a party a week or so later people knew me as  the nickname he gave me as well as "Fred's Girl" rather than my first name. I never heard anything from Fred or regarding him again until a week ago when T said he knew him. I wrote Bringing Back Audrey Thursday night and it published on Friday. Well, it's now 4am on Sunday of the same week and as you can imagine, at another party Saturday night in spring the story came full circle.
 Before I get too far into this story let me start out by saying I put my foot in my mouth a lot. I literally royally mess up a lot of things, apparently I do it all the time. I'm so used to messing up I expect it and when things go right I am utterly shocked. So when the friend of Fred noticed I followed him and went to follow me back, he saw I had a lot of followers. He played out the typical reaction and followed it with "well what do you do?"
 I told him why I have so many followers and walked myself over to the fridge, he standing opposite of me at the counter. He starts to say how his friend knew a girl who did Instagram and blogged and even wrote a blog entry about him. He said they called her this certain nickname, and as soon as the 'certain nickname' came out of his mouth I knew who he was speaking about. I could tell his wheels were turning because his face scrunched up a bit but I couldn't wait like two seconds longer. I said "I know, that's me. I'm that girl." I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my entire life once I saw the look on his face and had to physically turn around and put his head on the counter to absorb this information when he put two and two together.
 Ladies and gentleman meet the unusual girl who always seems to fall into things like this. Next thing you know I'll be at a party and I literally run into Dean for the first time since the break up while he's macking on some random girl. I can see it, I can totally see it. My life is an abundance of weird situations that are too weird to explain.They're like parts of a mildly okay John Green novel that he doesn't like enough to publish, so I do it for him. The kitchen scene would've been a hit in any teen movie.
 I figured since I had just recently brought this topic up, and many of you have sent me messages asking about Fred since last spring- might as well continue the story. But it has come full circle now. The friend told me Fred's side of the story and explained a few things, which lead to me realizing younger me truly didn't need to freak out- it wasn't anything I actually did (duh). But I still find it so funny how the first truly random (AKA I really don't know anyone here) party I go to after so long and I still can't escape the awkward connections that my life somehow brings me.
 I still figure my existence was severely made fun of after my blog post last year by Fred and whoever he told the story too- but I don't care. I honestly find the whole situation hilarious! If I hadn't of written it I would've never been laughing so hard on the kitchen floor with his friend at 2am over the irony of it all. I still sort of wish I would've just said "wow, really? So tell me the story!" so his friend could tell me the story uncensored incase something could have possibly 'hurt my feelings' or something like that.
  I don't regret writing that silly little blog post last year at all though I have thought about deleting it here and there. It's honestly too funny not to write about. It shows me how I've grown past over-thinking the attention of a guy who's just fishing around to boost his ego or whatever Fred's intentions were. Insert the biggest dramatic eyeball of all time right here please. But seriously, if I do ever run into Fred again- which seems more likely now than ever (sadly?)... Well I'm so going to tease him over the nickname he gave me, which I so will not be sharing.
 Still... the irony of all of this. The look on his friend face was so priceless- I still owe him breakfast for telling me the other side of the story.

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