Dean, Jess, Logan

by - June 21, 2017

 With all my Gilmore Girl references and my life revolving around the show like it revolves around coffee at Luke's- I find this fitting. I rewatch Gilmore Girls all the time, whether it be in order or a random episode that is one tv. Never once did I ask though, which boy was good for Rory? We all have our teams, I was originally Team Dean but now Jess is fitting my style as I grow older. And with our teams, did we ever ask ourselves what Milo Ventimiglia asked Jimmy Fallon during an interview about the revival of the beloved show? He asked, while being on Team Rory, were any of the guys good enough for her?

 For the ones who are Team Dean they think Dean Forester is the obvious pick for Rory Gilmore. Dean was Rory's first boyfriend, her high school sweetheart, the one she gave herself to. He worshipped the ground she walked on and melted like sugar for her. The boy who loved her first. 

 Then you have those who are Team Jess. Jess Mariano was the bad boy who looked ever so good in a denim jacket with a book in hand. He was the bad boy, who came right after Dean. The one who many blame for ending Rory's relationship with Dean. The one who Yahoo'ed how many miles away Rory would be instead of just assuming they would end. 

 And lastly you have Team Logan. Rory's college boyfriend who's heart is bigger than his trust fund. The one who coined her as "Ace". The one who took her out of her comfort zone with jumping off towers with The Life and Death Brigade. The man who was there for her even before his feelings for her were.

 Let's start with the high school sweetheart. Dean treated Rory amazingly well during the show, besides the two publicly humiliating break ups. He even treated Lorelai extremely well as he followed along with the girls' antics that sometimes occasionally involved coffee or mass amounts of food. He was the boyfriend that every mother wants for their daughter, the perfect first boyfriend in their eyes. He even had a great relationship with his family! So fine that they were even totally fine with Rory and Dean having dates at their place when Lindsay kicked Dean out. When it comes to romantic gestures, Dean does take the cake. He made her a bracelet and built her a freaking car. But looking at Dean's maturity level, his clingy nature is almost what cost him his relationship in the first place. I don't knock him totally for that but his maturity level isn't the highest of the boys. As well as with the interests they shared. Though Rory shared her love of books and movies with him, he never had any passion for her passions. On the looks thing, well I'm a sucker for Jared Padalecki so...

 Next you have Jess, the bad boy Lorelai was against Rory dating for a good amount of time. Jess treated Rory fairly good for the most part- but he was the bad boy who didn't always have concern for how his actions affected others. Plus he freaking moved to California without telling his girlfriend. When it comes to treating Lorelai- Jess was a jerk. No other way to say it, he was a jerk from the second stole a beer from her fridge the first night and then blew her off. Rory later was able to get some sort of civil relationship between the two but it was still rather cold. When it comes to his family, well he came to Stars Hollow because his mom didn't want to deal with him anymore. Jess disrespected Luke at first but eventually those two were more like father and son than Jess probably was with his real father. Jess was pretty great at some of the romantic gestures he had for Rory but the whole showing up to Yale thing? Not so much at that one. Maturity wise, he beats Dean in that field. He was emotionally scarred from his childhood- leaving him to often lash out and push away those who cared about him. Once he moved to Philly though, that all changed for the better. Jess definitely shared many interests with Rory, and that I adore about the two. There can't possibly be two people who loved books more than Jess and Rory. He understood her passion for reading and books themselves but he never really came to understand her enjoyment or passion for other things. When it comes to looks, Milo Ventimiglia was/is a very attractive guy. That little mouth thing he does (that is actually from a dead set of nerves) adds to his attractiveness in my opinion.

 Lastly we have Logan, Ace's college boyfriend. He was a pretty solid boyfriend through and through, besides sleeping with the entire bridal party while he was apparently (in his mind) broken up with Rory. Logan won Lorelai over when he proved that he wasn't the type of guy she expected him to be coming from a wealthy family. He in fact showed her that he struggled with his own family's exceptions. Later on, he even asked Lorelai permission to propose to Rory- that shows an immense amount of respect for Lorelai on his end. His relationship with his own family of course was pretty terrible. Though with his sister is was perfectly fine, his parents were too controlling for their own good. Looking at romantic gestures though- he did rather well. He staged a fake fight in the middle of one of Rory's classes win her over and later hired a coffee cart to follow her around as an apology. Maturity wise- when Logan was great, he was great and good and wonderful. But when he was bad- well no thank you... While under the unfortunate influence of alcohol, he often because extraordinarily irresponsible and sometimes even cruel. Cue the scene where Logan gets plastered with Collin and Finn (two guys I'd love to be friends with) and refuses to get in the car because of the idea of facing his responsibilities the next day. Though, he always owned up to his mistakes in the end. With shared interests, he surpasses the others. The two connected on so many levels. Journalism, reading, academic related things, the adventurous of the Life and Death Brigade, the corny parties that Stars Hollow threw and even Stars Hollow itself. With looks, Matt Czuchry was the ideal image of the preppy Yale boyfriend and is still to this day super cute. 

 In the end- you still have your teams for who you wanted Rory to end up with. I may be team-less at the moment but all of the boys are great candidates in different spots (they all tie for looks though). And while we may not all agree on which boy you root for- and maybe I even changed your mind after this post- let's all agree we're just glad Tristian didn't really have his own team. He may be the nicest douchebag you'll ever meet but we all know he wasn't good enough for our Mary Rory. So for our three teams, we can only imagine that if the revival of Gilmore Girls continues, the right boy man will be picked for Rory. We should all really be Team Rory now shouldn't we?

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