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 This last week has been a whirl wind of emotions and crazy things. The story of Bringing Back Audrey and Royally Messing Up continues in this weeks blog post. Now after that party, Fred's friend /roommate- I'll refer to as Jess from now on- and I hung out a lot. It's now May 22nd as I write this and we met at that party on May 13th. So in the last nine days Jess and I hung out at least for a couple of hours on six of those days.
 We really got to know each other just sitting at the park in a group on Monday. We spoke of concerts while relaxing at the same park as well as the one by my house Tuesday afternoon to midnight. Wednesday he invited me to try the Indian restaurant I've walked past a hundred times but never tried- nor had I ever tried Indian food before- but I stayed. Friday Jess invited me to the pre-sanger (Summer Banger) at his place to watch the Cavs game and play Pop Tab with his roommates. Saturday after work he walked over to my place, threw stones at my window, and we walked back to his place before the storms started. Also Saturday night we stayed up till 5am watching the storms, talking, and watching a movie. Then Saturday of course turned into us staying in bed talking all Sunday and napping occasionally. And Sunday turned into Monday, today.
 I won't go too deeply into what was discussed but I will say that during those nine days, there was a lot of miscommunication among friends. But during the long chat Jess and I had till 5am Sunday morning, we exchanged our intentions for each other. And they were extremely similar. We both knew that we wanted to completely bypass dating and start a relationship. We were confident in that idea and both wanted that with each other. We spoke to each other like we knew each other for months. He made me feel comfortable and not at all nervous about anything- in fact I felt like I had the upper hand with extreme confidence and that's never been the fact for any friendship/relationship before. We could speak of things that others may find taboo for just getting to know someone. Everything worked for us even when we had hurdles to jump through to just be friends. We have this communication between the two of us that even with some of my friends I still don't have. If one of us says "no judgement" (though we both aren't the type of people to ever judge) before a statement or question- it means the other isn't aloud to judge, and it works. We also are extremely honest with each other already, like maybe too open and honest but again, it works.
I had one stipulation though, before anything happened between us and of course, that was that friends got back to being friends. In the short few days of us hanging out Monday to Saturday things in our little group had spun around in all different directions. Rory was never "that girl" between two friends so I wasn't sure what to do since Gilmore Girls is essentially one of my life guide 'books' but I sort of knew what should happen. Those who were friends before Monday needed to be friends again by the upcoming Monday.
 Essentially this ramble filled post is to bring up the fact that your girl Rory here has found her Jess Mariano. And like how it really happened on the show that's too similar to my life- a little bit of drama ended up in a relationship. These crazy blog posts have worked out in my favor and low-key sort of formed a relationship. I honestly think that Jess bringing up my "certain nickname" Fred gave me at that party helped my anxious little self totally relax. After that everything felt so natural and good with Jess, it's hard to explain but it felt like it should feel you know? It's a true connection. But during our lazy Sunday in the early morning Jess pulled a true-to-name typical Jess Mariano move of asking me in the best way to make us "exclusively official".
 So there you have it ladies and gentleman, in the most cliché way I can say it- Rory Gilmore has found her Jess Mariano.

 Oh and another thing, I ran into Fred the other day.

*Update: He wasn't the Jess Mariano type but in face the early and mean Alex Karev type for future reference he will be referred to as such.

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