by - June 09, 2017

 Q: If you were famous, what would you do?
 A: This question is a little vague but I'm assuming that was on purpose, so I guess I'll fill in the blanks! If I was famous I'd certainly buy a bigger apartment in Savannah, Georgia. I'd apply to SCAD and hope to get in- then pay off my full college ride of course. I'd buy myself a Jeep, I'd buy my mom a new car, and I'd also buy her a house. I'd tweet out constantly asking if a few of my fans wanted to go get lunch together since I hate eating out alone. Maybe I'd publish a book of poetry or a big coffee table book of photographs. And if this question is referring to what would I be famous for, well I don't really know. I like to do a lot of things like write, paint, sing, and take photos. So maybe one of those things.

 Q: Current songs you like
 A: I am currently creating a summer playlist so I'll list all the songs I have in it so far. Attention by Charlie Puth, There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back by Shawn Mendes, It Ain't Me by Kygo & Selena Gomez, Rosie by John Mayer, Break my Heart by Hey Violet, Roses by Shawn Mendes, Like That by Jack & Jack, Now or Never by Halsey, and Only You from the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack.

 Q: If you decided to name your fandom, what would you name it?
 A: Oh gosh, I truly have no idea! I have heard people use names in the fandom nicknames so I assume they'd use my first or middle name since I go by that the most online. Or maybe something so far out from that, but I don't think I'd ever name my fandom myself, nor would I even call my followers a fandom. I can never see myself as having fans for some reason lol but that's just me.

 Q: Are you psychic in anyway?
 A: As weird as this sounds, actually yeah. As a kid I spoke to spirits and saw them for a long time, I still occasionally do. I can feel spirits around me too even when I can't see them. I get strong vibes off of people and can usually tell whether they have good or bad intentions right away. I don't always have dreams but when I do, they're like glimpses into the future and within two weeks those dreams come true. I even have this one dream that my family freaks out about when I have, I've had it almost five times. It's this dream where I see a woman in a white gown with a big belly, obviously well along in her pregnancy. I can't see the woman's face but I can see female family members all around me. I just had this dream a month ago and three days after telling my grandmother she called to tell me my cousin just announced her pregnancy. This was the same thing that happened with my other cousins' last three or four pregnancies.

 Q: What's your biggest fear?
 A: I have three fears that are all equally tied for being panic inducing horrid fears. The first one, wasting time. I can literally think myself into a panic attack just by thinking about how my life is going by and I'm not doing every extraordinarily worldly thing right this second. I get so freaked out feeling the seconds pass by and thinking of all the things I could be doing instead that I cause self induced panic. Second, being left. My deepest fear of three is being willingly left. A fear that came true a few months ago but this fear of being left stems from my smaller fear of being alone. Knowing someone willingly decided to leave me for whatever reason has been a strongly deep fear of mine since I was a child. People always leave me in many ways, and up until months ago it was never on their own will. Third, becoming my parents. Now not in this "oh god I'm becoming my mother" sort of fear, no way. My mom is the best mom you can ask for, she's my best friend, she's amazing. But in the way of growing up, falling in love with someone, starting a life with them, giving yourself and your all to them, having them be this huge point in your world, only to get divorced and have them leave. And with them leaving your world shatters, you fall out of love, and you're broken. So stemming from my second tied fear in the number one spot, I think that is where this third one comes from. Having someone who is your world that loves you so much suddenly stop loving you and leaves you. Those are my three biggest fears all tied for first place.

 Q: How has your life changed since Instagram?
 A: Wow, I've never thought of this actually. I guess it's changed my life a lot actually, it's opened up a lot of opportunities for me and has helped me make a lot of friends. It's helped me pay bills and survive. It's allowed me to make my own digital scrapbook of my highlights from the past few years. It's helped me get my voice out there into the world. It's done a lot for me. Before Instagram I didn't really get out there a lot, but then when I needed more content to put out I realized I had to go do more things. So I got out more and made new friends and opened new doors, just because I needed more photos to post. Because of Instagram, a lot has changed and a lot of doors have been opened.

 Q: What is your 'type' of guy?
 A: Honestly I don't think I have a type. Anywhere from a blonde hair blue eyed Australian to a brown hair brown eyed Canadian I guess if you had to go off of the celebrates I've been crushing on. My type is more about personality, what type of personality do you have and are you genuinely a nice person. If you're super handsome that's a bonus, but I've never really had a type based on looks. I've had crushes on guys ranging from Charlie Puth, Jensen Ackles, 80's Christian Slater, Shane Harper, Shawn Mendes, Rider Strong, Heath Ledger, to Jesse McCartney and many in-between throughout my teenage and such years. So I guess my "type" is any type really.

 Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
 A: Well in five years I'll be 25 and a year out of college. I'll have a bachelors degree in psychology and hopefully have a job in that field. I hope I'm in a serious relationship with a nice guy, maybe engaged or married. I hope to live in a bigger apartment and no longer in Cincinnati, Ohio. I hope my social media 'career' is still progressing and going well because it really is something I enjoy. I hope to have traveled to a bunch of countries while in college studying abroad. I hope to have a large amount of great memories from college and with friends. And most importantly I hope in five years I am happy. I see myself being happy.

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