Undeniable Pisces

by - June 23, 2017

I am obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her skin. 
-Sandra Cisneros
  I am undeniably a person who follows her horoscope weekly and sometimes daily. If you follow me on twitter and check my likes, you will find a weekly horoscope update for my little Pisces self. When Jess and I were officially boyfriend and girlfriend the first thing I did was check the compatibility of a Virgo and Pisces, more specifically for a male Virgo and female Pisces. For a while I tried my best to ignore all the things my horoscope said I would feel or do. I even went so far as to subconsciously hide and mute my feelings until Jess walked into my life. I barely had any true feelings and I didn't look at the world like I used to. But now I catch myself falling back into my old habits, my good habits. Walking to Jess's place one day I caught myself looking at how the sun fell on the leaves above me and how pretty a blue the shutters on a house was. 
 I know many people say horoscopes are just generic things about people that anyone with any zodiac sign could say "that fits" and believe in it. But I truly believe in my horoscopes and find things fitting. Pisces are known to be the emotional zodiac, and as a Pisces I can say that for me that was true. Up until almost four months ago I was an emotional person who was also in touch with my emotions. Now all of my feelings are slipping back through the cracks of the walls I have built up. And honestly, I'm happy they're back and welcoming them to continue to slip through the cracks. I want to go back to the stereotypical Pisces life of letting our heart lead and our brain follow. 
 We can't help but let our hearts lead us, that's just who we are. I have no control over the way I care for people around me, which is way too much. We are empathetic people, that's just who we are. It isn't anywhere near the norm for a Pisces to pretend like we don't care or don't have feelings or just feel whatever when we're involved with someone.
 I am so undeniably a Pisces that the last four months without any true feelings or emotions have felt so out of character for me I thought I was broken. I used to feel things like excitement or sadness or anger so passionately that it shocked me to feel nothing at all. I used to feel things with every inch of my body, every cell. I used to naively (occasionally foolishly) follow my heart. Pisces crave a real, true, and strong connection- and that's truly what I used to crave. 
 Pisces are hopeless romantics and every part of our soul believes in love- in some way. We know that we have a soulmate out there and are forever daydreaming about what they might be like. We truly believe our one is out there somewhere. Others may be guarded but we stay open in relationships. I'll be honest, I slightly stray from the Pisces path because I am a little guarded with Jess now but I am still so much more open that others could be. 
 Like a true Pisces too, we may be broken for a while but even then we still believe our true soulmate is out there somewhere. You have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince. And sometimes, while kissing a few frogs, we might be a little too trusting. I can certainly say younger Sophie was way too trusting in ways, and in some ways still am. I, like many other Pisces, let anyone in. I'm quick to forgive even when cut to the core. I see the best in the ones I care for and think more about that than the bad that may be still in sight. I open my heart and soul to everyone, I'm open about a lot even with strangers. 
 There are so many more things I can say about Pisces that I truly fit. I, like the title of this post says, am undeniably a Pisces. Since Jess has walked into my life, my true Pisces nature had shown back up and I'm to feel at home with myself again. I think honestly I fit my zodiac sign now more than ever.

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