Hideaway Beach Day

 Since I was not able to pack Jess Karev up in my suitcase and drag him to my annual vacation at HHI, I took him to another beach. I told him to have his swimsuit ready and be outside by 4pm because we had an hour drive ahead of us. He had no idea where were could possibly be going- one advantage of him not being from Cincinnati. An hour later we had arrived at Caesar's Creek with our toes already in the water.

I would like to comment that Jess Karev uses my legs as a personal heating pad when we're out and about

 After Caesar's Creek we actually drove by my old house, the second house I've lived in of seven or more. When we drove by I awkwardly asked about who lived there now only to find out the group of people I was talking to were my old neighbors! We chatted for a bit, took a photo of us all together, and then I headed on my way back to Clifton. Jess's Karev's and my exits were both closed so we headed closer to downtown to take the next closest exit. We actually ended up seeing fireworks and made a quick decision to follow them and try to pull over to view them. We ended up in Kentucky at Goetta Fest, a thing Jess Karev had been trying to remember the name for since the start of us dating. We both stopped and watched the fireworks for a minute then walked around by the river and listened to live music before heading back home.
 On the way back to my car I asked Jess Karev if I had "done good" and with a kiss on my head (something I'm a sucker for from him) and a quick squeeze I knew I had. I'm writing this now while in Hilton Head and missing him dearly. Though Hilton Head is amazing standing alone, having Jess Karev here wouldn't be too bad either.

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