Shawn Mendes - Illuminate

 The atmosphere of a concert is a stress free, no sadness, good vibes only atmosphere. Your worries stay at the door and the music surrounds you. The connection between artist and fan turn into intimate person to person no matter how far or how close you are to the stage. It is you, the music, and them. While listening to Handwritten and Illuminate this year I've gotten to learn more about Shawn himself. He is certainly a young John Mayer in the making. But to his concert: I have never been so emotionally invested in a concert that as the final notes play out- I'm crying instead of screaming along to the lyrics of the song. I've cried at concerts before sure, the atmosphere during those emotional songs fills up the arena and sometimes you can't help but cry. But I've never cried after a concert and was so upset by its end. Over the last year I've become so emotionally invested in this album and the one before. I have listened and cried to A Little Too Much sitting on the floor of my kitchen, parked in some random parking lot lost somewhere, washing my hair in the shower, driving 80 down the highway hoping to crash. I have used his songs to get me through the day, to keep me alive, and to help me from drowning in the hard waves life has hit me with. So I write this to say thank you to Shawn. Thank you for your music, and thank you for making a concert feel so intimate that when you looked over in my direction last night I could've sworn you were looking at me. And every girl around me had the same feeling I bet and I love that. Thank you for making that night in Cleveland feel like that- intimate for every person standing there and singing along to your songs. I could say so much more, any maybe some day I'll find the right words- but for now, this is all I have. Thank you.

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