Cleveland on 35

 When I told my mom that I bought tickets for my sister and I to go see Shawn Mendes up in Cleveland, she decided to tag along and make it a little family road trip. On August 2nd in the early morning I drove up to my mom's with my bags packed and picked them up. With my mom insisting to drive since my coffee hadn't kicked in yet I let her take the wheel and I grabbed my cameras.
My mom had heard about this place and we debated going to it. When we saw the sign for the exit my mom skidded three lanes over and we made our way to Grandpa's Cheese Barn.

First look into Cleveland, I had never been before this trip so I was super excited to explore the sights.

The hotel we stayed in was about a block away from the arena and on top of a little shopping mall.
Post car ride snack fest featuring the best Doritos I have ever tasted and a Clif bar

Wish I could've captured this little strip between the hotel and arena at night. Post concert the neon lights were ablaze and the bars were filled with happy people.

Grabbed an early dinner at the House of Blues and if you ever go there, get avocado on your burger and thank me later.

La Vie En Rose was playing as I took this photo before heading to the concert

Delirious post concert depression kicking in while mid rant of "I just love the atmosphere his music brought and how everyone was so connected for those few hours. He even looked at me, I swear we totally had a moment when he was just 10 feet away. I wish it wasn't over because now I'm back to sad Cincinnati and an anxious life. Let me live in that moment forever." and more crying.

August 3rd, repping that merch and filled with coffee

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which was a great museum to go check out while in Cleveland

We didn't want to head home just yet so we typed in "beach" into maps and went to the closest one.

When we pulled up to the beach we saw a long line of food trucks to choose from to fill our hungry stomachs.

Our last stop we stumbled upon while heading out from the beach.

I had one photo left to take so I looked outside my window and snapped what I saw as we got onto the highway to head home.

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