I Fake Insta Fame

September 27, 2017

 If you follow me on Instagram, you see that I have almost 160,000 people who have pressed follow on my account. I've had my account since December of 2010, I hit 10,000 on the last day of March in 2013, and three years later I hit 100,000 followers. Then back in June I hit 150,000 followers and I've been crawling up from there. I have been using Instagram as my digital scrapbook for a few years now and while some people have seemed to hop on and gather millions of people, others like me have slowly gained some.
 Recently I've been looking into my analytics of my Instagram. Learning the ins and outs of who is following me, where they're from, and everything else. I also started looking up other people's analytics and information on their following pattern. Hours later I found myself looking at Cosmo pages about the Mean Girls of Instagram and their 'buying followers' ways of getting Insta Famous.
 I knew buying followers was a thing, but I didn't think people would actually ever do it. I remember little things like when Acacia Brinley had a spike in followers back in 2014 where apparently someone bought followers for her. Back when Instagram was still grey and blue on your profile. And I remember people talking about some website called InstaRabbit or Instagress. I even saw apps that people say work when I was going down the metaphorical rabbit hole looking at 'how to be instagram famous' on YouTube.
 I decided to go ahead and try something, try one of the things to see how easy it actually could be. I have gained my following organically over years of work. I only really put in effort during these past two years and even then I haven't gone full force with it. So I figured, what if I try to get Instafamous- or at least close- to it by using any and all apps I find. If I was going to pay for something, I'd only spend a little. About $30 at most to see if this experiment works. I'll put in a few random moments here and there to try this. I won't over do it on the effort part, I'll try to be as lazy with this as I can be and use all the cheat codes available to me. I want to see if I can be like one of these 'Mean Girls' that have figured out how to cheat their way to social media fame. So I set up some rules, downloaded some apps, and tried it out.


  • I don't use my own account, I have to make a new account.
  • If I spend money, I only spend up to $30.
  • Spend no less than half  an hour per day on the apps I download.
  • Use only my photos, I won't take photos from other people and pretend to use them as my own.
  • Don't share, promote, or post my new fake account anywhere to boost followers.

 I am going to stick to these simple rules to fake my way to the top. I won't post about the account anywhere until I've achieved what people consider 'fame' so I don't throw off this experiment. I will only spend $30 on this account max, whether it be on apps I buy or buying followers as it. Once I hit that $30 limit then I stop buying things and I figure out how to keep going from there. I'm not going to put any of this fake fame on to my own account, I am going to make sure my real account is still organic as can be. I'll make sure to spend a few minutes here and there on this project of mine, at least half an hour a day if I can. But like I said, I'm going to stay lazy with it and take the slackers way to fame. I'm only going to use my own photos because I want to see how different things can be from the following amount while still using my own things.
 I'm not sure how long I'll try this out or what amount I'm going to try and get to in regards to following, but I want to see where this goes. And of course I'll fill you in on this as it goes.

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