Faking Social Media Fame

October 11, 2017

 When I started this little project of trying to see how easy it is to be "insta famous" with the right things, I didn't realize how easy it could be- and how deep into the web I would get. If you don't know what I'm referring to then go check my I Fake Insta Fame post about my little social experiment.
 Since I wanted to see if you could buy your way up to my level or beyond of this social media fame I decided to look up a few things I already knew. I know there are apps you can use to buy likes and they were somewhere in the app store. So I started looking through the app store and downloaded as many "liking" apps as I could. There were so many that I found- some were legit and others didn't work, or started to bug out my Instagram account I was using making me rescuer it every few minutes. Now I'm not going to name any of these apps, because hello- that's cheating- and though I'm testing it, I don't condone it. But I'll post photos showing what they look like and how they work.
 All the apps that dealt with liking photos to get likes looked essentially the same. You could either A: like a bunch of photos to get coins or B: buy as many coins as you could afford. You would then use those coins to buy likes on the photos you wanted to gain likes on. For every two coins, you got one like. It was really insane how many coins you could rack up in a day. I spent a few minutes every hour and liked 100 photos. Then it wouldn't let you like any more for another hour. After a few hours I already had racked up a lot of coins and I hadn't even posted a photo yet to use them on. I decided after I had a few more coins racked up I would post a photo, tag it to a popular location, slather it with hashtags, and use the coins to get more likes.
 Once I found a bunch of Likes apps I searched for Followers apps. Those were a bit harder to find that actually worked. I did end up finding one app that actually worked which used the same methods as the liking apps. I could either follow a bunch of people to get coins or spend some cash on them. I opted to follow people instead and just unfollow them later. Again, I racked up as many coins in a day as I could- you could only follow 40 people an hour with this app so it took a lot longer for me to do. But after a few days, I was able to get enough coins after constant following and unfollowing to get a rather large amount of followers.
 When I looked at my fake account before unfollowing a bunch of people, I noticed I had seen other accounts like mine before. But they were used by real people. They were either photographers, rappers, bloggers, etc., etc. trying to gain more followers. Now of course some people do just follow a bunch of accounts hoping for others to follow back, and once they do they unfollow. But I wonder how many people do this stuff instead. They follow as many accounts as they can, and those people follow back- but they also use the coins they rack up to buy more followers.
 I'm going to keep seeing how far I can get- I haven't spend any money on this yet but I know there has to be more things I can use to gain likes or follows on this fake little app. While doing all this though, it's had be think about people who actually do this. Who actually spend a bunch of time or money on fake followers and likes to get "fame". And why do they do it?
 Honestly it makes me think of Essena O'Neill, we haven't heard anything about her since 2015 I believe and last thing anyone knew was that she was working on a book about how to become social media famous. I wonder if people who spend their time using these apps think like she did. That they need to gain these followers and likes as well as "fame" to be something...

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