Kissing Boys

 Hey everybody, so I'm writing this to address the little thing that happened over on my Snapchat the other night. Didn't think I'd have to, didn't think it was even necessary to- but apparently it is?

 Anyways the other night I posted on my Snapchat, which I thought that was set to private for friends only... about how in my family group chat (mom, sister, both grandparents) my sister outed the fact that my neighbor kissed me and kissed for a repeated short period of time. Aka totally made out with my neighbor... My sister is like my best friend so she always learns about my nights out- and she outed me to my family and I joked how I wanted to leave my family group chat and my family.
 I also posted later on how that night I had just witnessed a guy in my parking lot get robbed (by who he said was friends) and the kid only wanted my number because I was cute- not to actually get the number to ask for the security tapes, since he knew he wasn't going to press charges. I made some corny joke about how he didn't pursue charges but he pursued me. A silly joke you'd understand if you were one of the thousands who saw those posts...
 The reason I'm bringing this up is because my Snapchat messages are open to all to send me messages. And after I post things I usually just close back out of my snapchat to continue whatever moment I was having. That's what I did after posting both of these jokes to my story. When I looked back at my Snapchat later and realized I was getting a lot more messages than usual in a short period of time I looked at who had viewed my story and realized it was a lot more than the 50 friends I allow when it's private.
 I quickly deleted everything and started assessing what I figured would be all joking messages. I'd brush off this embarrassing mistake and laugh with a few followers. In those hundreds of messages a lot of people were laughing about my family being the weird selves they are or the fact that the guy who just got robbed- just got robbed but still had the moves to ask for my number. But in a few of those there were people saying how I shouldn't go around kissing random boys. It's not "normal" this soon after a breakup. It's "slutty" to kiss a few guys. It's not lady like to kiss a guy after only knowing him for a short time.
 All of those things are so dumb to say, I didn't even respond. And I'd like to address this thing I really don't need to be addressing.
 I have been going on dates and kissing cute guys since the middle of August, I was on Tinder swiping for dates 20 minutes after my last relationship ended because I had already moved on before we even broke up. Sometimes it takes you three months to get over a break up- sometimes it takes a twelve hour drive listening to Taylor Swift and Shawn Mendes songs. Kissing multiple guys does not make me a slut. If I had slept with any of those guys, that wouldn't have made me a slut either. First of all its my body and I get to decide what to do with it- it's not yours. And for what goes as being ladylike? I really don't even know how to address this...

 Look I adore you guys, and I share most of my life with you by choice- but I do sometimes turn my stuff to private or keep things out of my social media. Like who I'm going on dates with or making out with last week or last night. I have new rules I'm setting for myself and my next relationship when I decide to jump back into one. For instance- when I do get into one I won't be posting about it or who he is on social media for many months. A lot of my awkward dating experiences will be saved for jokes I post on my Snapchat until I feel like they're blog post worthy- like if I went on a date with Charlie Puth and months later I wanted to say how now he's totally falling for me. (Jk that'll sadly never happen.)
 Again, I adore you guys- but you don't need to always know who I'm macking on at 3am on a Saturday night.

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