So with fall arriving I've had a few nights to cozy up in my family room with a fuzzy blanket, cup of hot cocoa, and a good movie. One in particular that I adore watching every fall is Practical Magic. In this movie there is this one scene and these lines that made me think, regarding the perfect dream guy.

"He will hear my call a mile away. He will whistle my favorite song. He can ride a pony backwards... He can flip pancakes in the air. He'll be marvelously kind. And his favorite shape will be a star. And he'll have one green eye and one blue."

 I watched that under pink hued light from my salt lamp and the city lights shining against my blinds thanks to the leaves already falling. I sat there and thought about those words because when I was younger and had watched this movie, I had made a list like that. I had made a little note of who my dream man would be, of who I would fall in love with when I was in my teens or twenties or thirties. I don't remember much of that list but I've been thinking about it a lot recently. 
 From what I do remember of my old list I made when I was twelve or thirteen, my thoughts on my dream guy have definitely changed. I went from wanting a man with sandy blonde hair and bright blue and green eyes to not having a preference at all of what color his hair is. I went from wanting a guy with clean, perfect, untouched skin to a man with a few tattoos. I had a long list that no one could ever fit completely or perfectly to a list a bit more simpler. And I wanted to share that list, so I don't lose it again like I did my last. To see if, in ten years from now I'm with a man who fits my list or with someone who fits nothing on it. Am I with a man who has the sandy blonde hair I was a sucker for as a teenager or am I with a man with dark brown hair that reminds me of unsweetened coffee? Am I with a man who has no tattoos or with a man who has a sleeve of them on both arms? Am I with a guy who can't hold a tune for the life of him or with someone who can harmonize perfectly with anyone? It's funny to think that you could be with someone who doesn't fit 'your type' or list of the kind of person you want to be with but still be perfectly in love with them. I say all of these things because I look at the kind of guys I find interesting and attractive and none of them ever seem the same. I've dated the smart should've-gone-to-Yale boy and the high school popular jock stuck in high school guy. But then I seem to day dream about the cute barista that works across campus that I've had a little crush on for two years who's into the nerdy things I'm into. Or about the guy who's 'younger than my exes but he acts like such a man so'. Or the artistic musician who shares the same taste in favorite singers. None of the men I ever seem to fancy are ever the same. So I always wonder who I'll end up with. But I made a list, I made a list to see what kind of man I hope to end up with. But at the same time I made this list to see if I end up with a man who checks off none of these, because either way I really want to look back at this one day.

  1. He will be able to make me laugh. He will be witty and he will be funny. And I 'm not talking about a little giggle or the fake laugh girls do in front of guys sometimes. I'm talking about the laugh where I can't stop, my sides hurt, and I do that awkward snorting noise. 
  2. He'll know how to play guitar, whether he knows the actual chords or learns it by the sounds- he'll be able to play guitar. I don't know what it is about seeing someone sit down and zone out into what their fingers are doing while the music is filling the room, but I adore it.
  3. He will dance with me, in the kitchen at 4am, in the family room when I just need to shake it out, at the party we're drunkenly attending, in the car, or while waiting to cross the street because believe me I will play music and dance while walking down the street.
  4. He's my McDreamy. He is the guy who constantly picked me, chose me, loved me. But there is no Addison Montgomery in our case. We have our post-it of promises we will definitely keep to each other and there is no expiration date on my McDreamy. 
  5. He'll fit my dream. I used to have this dream of me living in my apartment, the one I live in now but before I even got it. It was this dream of me sitting on my couch with my legs laid out on it. My patio door was open, my record player was spinning some tune I can't place, and I'm working on my laptop. I look up and over to my dinning table. There sits a man, with brown hair, hunched over. He's on his laptop working on something with the fan going above his head. I've never seen his face, he's never turned around. And I've never had that dream become true like most of my dreams do. So when I find my McDreamy, I hope that dream happens, without force. I hope to just forget about it like I did until now, and it'll just happen one day.
  6. He'll have tattoos. I don't care how many, one or three, I don't care. But he'll have tattoos. Something that shows he loved something so much, he wanted it forever on his skin. Whether it's one he got for a family member, or a reminder, or something he just adored so much he needed it pressed against him and embedded into him. But he'll have tattoos.
  7. He's not from here. He is from some other city, preferably some other state. Hell, even another country. But he isn't from here, he has no relation to Cincinnati, Ohio. Better yet, he's never even been here before. Then when he does come here, maybe to meet my family or for a holiday, for whatever reason, I can show him everything and everywhere. I can drive him all over Cincinnati and more to show him where I came from. To show him everything from my town, so then he can show me all of his.
  8. Prefers phone calls to texts, I'd rather hear his voice than type a few words and read some more off a screen. If we are long distance, you're away from me, in a different city, timezone, country, planet- then call me, at whatever time, and if I have a few hours or a few minutes I want to hear your voice.

 These are the eight little things that are on my list. These are what make my McDreamy that I can tell you, has no early expiration date. But as I finish writing this little list I wonder, how many of these will the man I end up with fit?

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